2011 Summer Policy Council Meeting and Reports

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These reports were presented at the 2011 Summer Policy Council Meeting and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from http://www.adobe.com. Supporting material may be provided.

Andersen, David   VP Finance Report    (2010 was a good year financially for the System Dynamics Society. We posted a net income of $79,146 and our overall equity grew from $736,469 at the opening of our fiscal year to $815,616 at the close of the fiscal year. Major activities this year have centered on reconfiguring how the Society thinks about managing its assets so that a sustainable pool of assets can promote a range of Society operations well into the future. Our budget for 2012 has three line items being supported with a budgeted expenditure of $27,612 from our asset income with an additional amount of $22,117 being retained for future asset growth.) Report

Dangerfield, Brian   Report of the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review (Summer 2011)   (The report includes 6 items: Vol 27; Impact Factors; Accepted Backlog; Statistics; Editorial change; Queries on editorial decisions.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   VP Electronic Presence Report   (We need to move the website to something nicer looking and easier to manage, and currently Wordpress is the leading candidate to support this. The web submission system continues to be adjusted to meet central office needs. The Wiki is dead, but the forum continues and I may add a formulation subforum to it. We still do not have a volunteer webmaster. ) Report

Eberlein, Robert   Conference Scholarship Committee Report   (This year we again provided 10 partial scholarships in the form of registration fee waivers and accommodation. There is a suggestion that the Student Chapter get more involved in the silent auction, and that proceeds help support the PhD Colloquium. ) Report

Groesser, Stefan   2012 Conference Report - St. Gallen, Switzerland   (Please find the 2012 Call for Papers for St. Gallen, Switzerland. On Tuesday at 10:30 AM at the conference there will be a video presentation in the Plenary room about the conference site and current plans. ) Report

Groessler, Andreas   Report VP Meetings   (2012 running smoothly -- 2013 in Cambridge, MA -- 2014 default site in Western Europe sought, some suggestions -- program chair for 2013 needed) Report

Hovmand, Peter   Diversity Committee Report   (This report provides an overview of the System Dynamics Society demographics for 2010 and Diversity Committee activities. Total membership increased slightly from 1043 in 2009 to 1067 in 2010. Overall, the reporting of demographic information for members has continued to increase with 89% now providing information on gender. Although both the number of men and women increased, the percentage of women has plateaued at approximately 16.8%. Students represented an estimated 18.3% of membership in 2010, down from a peak of 21.3% in 2007. ) Report

Lane, David   Agenda in Progress for July 24, 2011 Policy Council Meeting   (The PC meeting will start at 11 AM. The tentative plan is to break for lunch at the same time as the PhD Colloquium, so that we can join them for lunch. More details will be available in advance of the meeting and printed in the schedule.) Report

Morrison, J. Bradley   Report of the Organization and By-laws Committee   (The Organization and By-laws Committee has been reconstituted and now comprises Brad Morrison (Chair), Bob Eberlein, and Roberta Spencer. In addition to the ongoing role of this committee in monitoring practices of the Policy Council to identify and resolve any inconsistencies with our by-laws and policies, we are undertaking a one-time project to create current, documented versions of our by-laws document and our policies document. Rather than reconstructing all of the historical evolution of these two documents over the past decades of Policy Council actions, we have elected to update the existing documents to bring them into agreement with what we perceive to be current practice. The end deliverable we be a new set of these two documents that we will present to the Policy Council for adoption. The Committee has been working largely by telephone and email over the past several months. The updating task is substantially complete, with a draft of each of the two documents now circulating among the Committee for final edits. We will make these drafts available to anyone interested. The final drafts will be posted in advance of the next Policy Council meeting in order to support a motion to adopt the new versions. ) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Report of Community Service Award Committee   (Committee Members: Past President ex-officio Rogelio Oliva (Chair), Executive Director Roberta Spencer, Jack Pugh and Bob Eberlein. The committee has received a number of nominations for the award. An award will be made at the Washington, DC conference. Award details can be found at http://www.systemdynamics.org/Society_Awards.htm. )

Pruyt, Erik   Benelux Chapter annual report 2010-2012   (The Benelux Chapter is officialy founded in 2011. This is the first annual report. The Chapter is active in organizing activities in the Netherlands. At present 34 academics are members, but more than 100 participate in activities.) Report Link

Richardson, George   Report of VP Publications   (A brief outline of issues facing the Publications Committee.) Report

Rouwette, EtiŽnne   Report VP Member services   (This report addresses three initiatives: 1. strengthening the links with Chapters and Special Interest Groups; 2. developing of a case repository; 3. raising (low-income) membership. ) Report

Russel, Graham   Report of the Publisher of System Dynamics Review   (This is the Publisher's Report (28pp) from Wiley-Blackwell for the 2010 volume of SDR. [Headlines: Traditional institutional subscriptions to SDR held firm in 2010 (up very slightly overall on 2009 in fact, thanks to some growth in China). Over 3300 institutions had access to the journal through license arrangements; plus over 7000 libraries in the developing world had access via various philanthropic programs. 2010 saw a 24% increase in SDRís readership/usage over 2009, and there was a similar sized increase in the number signed up for SDRís content alert emails during the year. The 2009 Impact Factor for SDR was 0.738. *** Stop Press: latest release for 2010, just out, gives new Impact Factor down slightly to 0.667.])

Saeed, Khalid   Awards Committee Report July 2011   (Following updates to the winter 2011 report: 1. Jac Vennix has replaced Kim Warren as a member of Awards Committee. Kimís term ended in Dec 2010. Current membership and terms are listed below: Khalid Saeed (chair) 2011-2013 Andy Ford 2008, 2009-11 Jac Vennix 2011-2013 David Andersen 2008, 2009-11 Erling Moxnes 2010-2012 David Lane 2010-2012 2. Erling Moxnes joined JWF award committee as member. The committee comleted its reviews for 2011. Jac Vennex has stepped down both as chair and member. There is no JWF Award in 2011, but the committee will announce a Lifetime Achievement Award at the DC conference. Recipient of this award will deliver a lecture. 3. Dana Meadows Award committee received many nominations this year and has selected a winner and an honorable mention for 2011. 4. Committee Members include Past President ex-officio Rogelio Oliva (Chair), Executive Director Roberta Spencer, Jack Pugh and Bob Eberlein. The committee has received a number of nominations for the award. An award will be made at the Washington, DC conference. 5. A live meeting of the Awards committee will be held on July 26 at the 2011 SD conference. Respectfully submitted. Khalid Saeed Chair, Awards Committee July, 2011 )

Schaffernicht, Martin   VP Chapters info after the conference   (New information from the Chapters (after the posters session and the chapter meetings and after some post-conference events). Includes photographs and a copy sent to the g roups in Egypt, Greece and Pakistan.)

Schaffernicht, Martin   VP Chapters info after the conference   (New information from the Chapters (after the posters session and the chapter meetings and after some post-conference events). Includes a copy sent to the groups in Egypt, Greece and Pakistan and a link to the photographs of the chapter posters.) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   VP Chapters report (version 4, July 20)   (This report takes up where the Winter Meeting report left us with the idea to approach Chapters, try to tell them we want to support them, but also ask them to provide us information about their state of affairs. After reviewing the development since January 2011 and the current state, it recommends specific actions for different groups of chapters and some activities that could support active chapters. (New to v4: German chapter report).) Report Supporting

Spencer, Roberta   Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2010   (See full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2010 ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   2011 Conference Report   (As of July 11: We have 489 total submissions, with a 14.12% rejection rate; there are 491 registrations with 41% of registrants self-reporting that this is their first System Dynamics Society conference. For more details, please see full report. New events include the Red Ribbon Networking Event and the Fireside Chat with Jay Forrester--10 Years After: A reprise of the now-classic 2001 event. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Cambridge, MA 2013 Conference Report    (We have contracted with the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel. The contract is attractive for a number of reasons including: the guest room rates are lower than other quotes, flexible meeting space, proximity to MIT, and minimum risk for food and guest room block guarantees. Additionally, the HRC team is offering assistance within the Hyatt network for identifying 2014 conference hotel sites. DATES: July 24-28, 2013. Room price is $179 ($139 for students). Regarding pre-conference planning, the Program Chairs and other volunteers, conference hosts, partners or sponsors have not yet been identified.)

Stuntz, Lees   Education, Outreach, Public Understanding Ad Hoc Committee:    (There are two areas of focus for this committee 1) Education, which includes Outreach in Education; and 2) Outreach and Public Understanding. Although the Outreach portion is within both purviews, these are two different arenas of activity. This committee has put together some brainstorming results in each of these areas, realizing that we need a catalog of the SD educational programs currently available and readily accessible as well as a survey of interest and desire for new initiatives from the SDS. The committee has defined action items for the February Policy Council meeting and will further refine them at the meeting to be held during the ISDC in July.) Report

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