2010 Summer Policy Council Meeting and Reports

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These reports were presented at the 2010 Summer Policy Council Meeting and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the reporter. Reports are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from http://www.adobe.com. Supporting material may be provided.

Andersen, David   VP Finance Report for July, 2010   (2009 was a good year financially for the System Dynamics Society. We recovered most of our investment losses from 2008 and posted a net gain from the Albuquerque conference. We are in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Wiley-Blackwell for the publication of the System Dynamics Review and I expect that the new contract will move us further toward financial sustainability. The budget for 2011 anticipates that the Society will also close out 2011 with a net gain of $64,382.) Report

Andersen, Deborah   Report of VP Publications   (Contract negotiations with Wiley-Blackwell for the SDR were the central focus of publications this year.) Report

Dangerfield, Brian   Report of the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review   (The report to the Summer Policy Council meeting to be held in Seoul, South Korea contains 7 items.) Report

Eberlein, Robert   VP Electronic Presence Report   (We continue to make updates to the web submission system. We had a student working on getting our website up in a Content Management System (we are using Joomla!). We made progress on this, but it was not completed. We have not yet been able to find a new volunteer web master.) Report

Groesser, Stefan   Report for the 2012 Conference   (Brief Update: The organization for the conference in 2012 in St. Gallen has taken first steps.) Report

Groessler, Andreas   Report VP Meetings, Summer 2010   (2011: Washington, DC; 2012: St. Gallen, Switzerland; from 2013 onwards: alternating default site schedule to be implemented) Report

Hovmand, Peter   Diversity Committee Report Summer Policy Council Meeting 2010   (Total membership continued to decline from a peak of 1,152 in 2007 down to 1,043 in 2009. The number of women remained stable and currently represents approximately 16% of the membership. The age distribution of society membership remains relatively stable. Gender diversity at the conferences continues to lead membership with women representing nearly 22% of attendees at the Albuquerque conference. Students represent 27% of the overall membership with 62% of students enrolled in graduate programs. While income data is collected as part of the membership dues structure, the data has not been analyzed due to its members’ sensitivity about disclosing income. It is uncertain whether the current dues structure has been effective. It is recommended that the Policy Council sanction a survey study to examine 1) the income barriers to membership and conference attendance, 2) the acceptability and benefits of the current policy among members, and 3) the acceptability and perceived benefit of potential alternative policies. The Diversity Committee continues to run a membership roundtable at the annual conference. Other initiatives include improving the integration of online resources with the discussion forum, and developing Access reports on the diversity of membership and conference attendance. ) Report

Morrison, J. Bradley   Report of the Organization and Bylaws Committee   (We are pleased to announce that Peter Otto has joined the committee. We have begun the work of reading the last 10 years of minutes to extract any content updates that are required to update the documentation of the Society bylaws to reflect amendments made over the years that have not been previously documented.) Report

Moxnes, Erling   Report from Nominating Committee   (The report contains current membership of the committee and positions for which nominations are needed) Report

Moxnes, Erling   Report of Community Service Awards Committee   (The committee has identified candidates for the award, however, have decided to postpone giving awards to the next conference.)

Moxnes, Erling   Report from Strategy Committee   (Report from Strategy Committee summer 2010) Report

Moxnes, Erling   Report from Nominating Committee   (The report contains current membership of the committee and positions for which nominations are needed) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Agenda in Progress for 2010 Summer Policy Council Meeting   (Agenda in Progress for 2010 Summer Policy Council Meeting. If you have any additions to the agenda, please send to Rogelio Oliva. ) Report

Oliva, Rogelio   Appointment to Nominating Committee   (Moved by Rogelio Oliva and seconded by (Etiënne Rouwette) to approve the appointment of Edward Anderson to the Nominating Committee for the term of (8/2010 – 7/2013). Date: May 25, 2010. Pre-summer meeting electronic vote.) Report

Rahn, R. Joel   Report for Dana Meadows Award Committee   (There were 20 papers nominated for the 2010 Award of which 12 remained for evaluation after withdrawals, rejections and disqualifications. There was one winner, a student in the SD Group at Bergen. Details will be announced at the Conference in Seoul. A few modifications will be made to the Conference submission page to emphasize the special requirements for submitting a paper for the Award.)

Rahn, R. Joel   Report of VP at large   (No activity to report for the 2010 Summer Conference meeting.)

Richardson, George   Negotiating Committee for new publishing contract   (This committee has reviewed in detail the proposed publishing contract; it has been sent back to Wiley-Blackwell with some questions. In the absence of a final contract, the committee cannot at this time make a recommendation to the Policy Council. A summary of the contract contents will be emailed to Policy Council Members when the information is available. We anticipate an electronic vote after the face-to-face Summer Policy Council Meeting. If a Policy Council Member is interested in reviewing the entire contract, please send an email message to Roberta to request a copy be sent. Please note the contract is strictly confidential and only available to PC Members.) Report

Rouwette, Etiënne   Report of VP Members   (In the last six months I worked on three initiatives: 1. Look into the issue of countries where the SD society has a relatively low membership. 2. Work with the Society Office on projects to raise low-income membership and to establish contacts with the SIG representatives. 3. Coordinate and implement some of the strategic initiatives that have been formulated in the past years. So far I have been looking into creating an online case repository consisting of descriptions of successful use of SD in applied and research settings. Work on the repository is ongoing.) Report

Russel, Graham   Publisher's Report for System Dynamics Review (2009 volume)   (Publisher's Report for SDR (2009) from Wiley-Blackwell. Includes sections on Sales and Circulation; Readership; Sales and Marketing Campaigns; Content Management; Bibliometrics; Appendices – Top Downloaded Papers, JCR Categories, Top Cited Papers etc.)

Saeed, Khalid   Award Committee minutes July 2010   (1. Business as usual. 2. Community Service Awards Committee did not give an award this year. 3. In response to a query by a SIG, it was reiterated that SIG can autonomously determine their awards following society guidelines. 4. Present members met in Seoul to draw out new action items included in the full report) Report

Schaffernicht, Martin   PROPOSAL: India Chapter of System Dynamics Society   (AVP Chapter Activities, Martin Schaffernicht has reviewed their constitution and associated submissions and states the candidate India Chapter now fulfills all the requirements. TEN members of the Society have signed as well as other interested parties whose membership are pending. KARAN KHOSLA, JASWANT KRISHNAYYA, SUDIP BHATTACHARYA, DIVAKAR ROY, GANESAN UMADEVI, ASHOK KHOSLA, DIPAYAN MITRA, JATIN SHAH, HIMADRI BANERJEE, and MARK CHOUDHARI. Jaswant Krishnayya will serve as President and Chapter Liaison. Anupam Saraph (pending membership), Mark Choudhari, Himadri Banerji and Karan Khosla (also Secretary) will be on the India Chapter Policy Council.) Report Supporting

Spencer, Roberta   2010 Conference Report   (As of July 7: we have 397 total submissions, with a 15.86% rejection rate; there are 269 registrations with 42% of registrants self-reporting that this is their first System Dynamics Society conference -- this is an increase from the past two years. For more details, please see full report.) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Contract with University at Albany   (The 2010 UAlbany annual contract renewal identified insurance requirement for Workers' Compensation, we were granted a waiver in 2010. In 2011 proof of insurance will be mandatory for contract compliance. The PC Meeting minutes must reflect the insurance decision; please see the action item included in the report. Application paperwork will include input from members of the Policy Council. Additionally, there is a related insurance recommendation for liability insurance. ) Report

Spencer, Roberta   Brief Conference Update on 2013 and 2014   (2013 North America: We have three full proposals for sites in North America. We are waiting to hear from a potential “local” organization that is considering the possibility of being a traditional host. One concerns for them is finding an executive sponsor willing to fund the sponsorship and the overhead for the time involved. 2014 Europe: To date, we have been working with three hotel chains to get information about European sites that may be a good match for our conference.)

Spencer, Roberta   Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2009   (See full Annual Report on Home Office Operations for Fiscal Year 2009) Report

Umar, Imrana   2011 Conference Report: Washington, DC   (Please see attached Call for Papers for the 2011 Conference Report: Washington, DC.) Report

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2010 Policay Council Reports updated: October 15, 2010.