System Dynamics Society Policy Council

Winter 2007 Policy Council Motions considered via electronic process


(Revised 26 June 2007 by David Packer)


Motion 100

Subject: Energy SIG

Proposed by: Campbell, Deborah

Seconded by: Thompson, James

Voting open date: 2006.10.11 Voting close date: 2006.10.21


Formal Motion

Moved by Deborah Campbell that the Energy Special Interest Group be formally accepted into the System Dynamics Society. The SIG on Energy aims at furthering the development of a holistic view on energy policy and energy systems by use of systems thinking and use of system dynamics tools. Luc Van Den Durpel and Andrea Bassi will serve as the leaders of the group.


The motion passed (16 yes, 0 no, 8 no-vote).


Motion 102

Subject: Motion to Support Permanent Appointment of Roberta Spencer at UAYbYnY

 Proposed by: Andersen, David

 Seconded by: Thompson, James

 Voting open date: 2006.11.09 Voting close date: 2006.11.19


Formal Motion

The Policy Council authorizes the President to sign an agreement with the University at Albany that will permit Roberta Spencer to be granted continuing (permanent) appointment. David Andersen, VP Finance, and the Administrative Committee are sponsoring this motion. The Administrative Committee has already reviewed and approved the motion as described in a separate e-mail to current members of the Policy Council


Notes on Supporting Material : This motion is being proposed through an Executive Session of the PC and Roberta Spencer has excused herself from the discussion.


The motion passed (19 yes, 0 no, 6 no-vote)



 Motion 103

 Subject: Accept Alberquerque Proposal

 Proposed by: Lyneis, James

 Seconded by: Radzicki, Michael

 Voting open date: 2006.12.08 Voting close date: 2006.12.18


Formal Motion

I move that we accept the "Albuquerque" proposal to host the 2009 International System Dynamics Conference.


Notes on Supporting Material : The Alberquerque hosts have met the conditions specified in our tenative acceptance in the Summer 2006 PC Meeting. Please see PC List Serve discussion.


The motion passed (18 yes, 0 no, 7 no-vote)



Motion 104

 Subject: Slate of Candidates

 Proposed by: Radzicki, Michael

 Seconded by: Eberlein, Robert

 Voting open date: 2007.02.22 Voting close date: 2007.03.04


Formal Motion

On behalf of the Nominating Committee I move that the following slate of candidates for officer and PC member posts (to take office in 2008) be accepted by the Policy Council:  President-Elect: Erling Moxnes (Norway),  Vice President-Finance: David Andersen (USA),  Vice President-Chapter Activities: Tim Hazlett (Australia),  POLICY COUNCIL MEMBERS:  Enzo Bivona (Italy), Lars Weber (Germany), Imrana Umar (Africa), Burak Guneralp (Turkey)


Notes on Supporting Material : The Nominating Committee considered a diverse set of candidates for positions on the PC. Final approval is scheduled for the 2007 Summer PC meeting in Boston.


The motion passed (19 yes, 0 no, 6 no-vote)



Motion 105

 Subject: climate-neutral conference

 Proposed by: Saysel, Ali

 Seconded by: Radzicki, Michael

 Voting open date: 2007.02.28 Voting close date: 2007.03.10


Formal Motion

For the annual conferences of the society, it is possible to offer a carbon-neutral flight alternative for the participants. For this purpose, I propose that the Society should implement a module from an organization (for example for a fee of around 1500 USD to calculate carbon off-sets and demonstrate its commitment to ecological sustainability.


Notes on Supporting Material : This motion originates form Justus Gallati a society member who can be reached at Further information is available at "myclimate" web site.


The motion failed (3 yes, 9 no, 13 no-vote)


Motion To Reconsider (no number)

 Subject: Reconsideration of Motion 104, Slate of Candidates (approved 1007.03.04)

 Proposed by: Wiley, Ginny

 Seconded by: Campbell, Deborah

 Voting open date: 2007.03.05 (approx) Voting close date: 2007.03.10


Moved to reconsider the motion to approve the slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee.  (I initially voted "YES" but am very concerned that we continue the discussion, which is critical to the health and future of the society.)


(Note: For expediency, this motion and the ensuing discussion was made on the policy council email list. Most of the discussion is captured in the link put together by Deborah Campbell.    


The motion failed (7 yes, 5 no, 3 abstain, 10 no-vote)


 Motion 106

 Subject: Extend voting time period for slate of candidates

 Proposed by: Campbell, Deborah

 Seconded by: Andersen, David

 Voting open date: 2007.03.10 Voting close The date: 2007.03.20


Formal Motion

Moved that we extend the voting time period for the slate of candidates by two weeks. There is active discussion on the forum about the slate. Due to the time it takes to conduct discussion asyncronously, as well as the issues of usability expressed by members who we want to have a voice, the issues need to be understood by all and the discussion completed before voting closes.


The motion was withdrawn.


END OF MOTIONS, Winter Policy Council 2007


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