Publisher’s Report for SDS Policy Council

(July 2006)




Graham Russel, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8SQ, UK  



Issue 22:2 is published, and we already have several papers in hand for 22:3.

A 50th Anniversary banner will be loaded onto the Review’s homepage on Wiley InterScience in January 2007. We can also print a special gold logo on the cover to mark the achievement. The earlier the look of this can be agreed for the cover, the better.

Usage growth last year

Online usage on Wiley InterScience during 2005 was up on 2004.


SDS links to online content

We are very pleased to see the Society’s latest creation: a web page that carries a complete cumulative Tables of Contents for the Review at

Where there is an online abstract on the Wiley InterScience site for a particular SDR article, the Society’s page links directly to it. This will certainly provide an extra route for people to discover the content. We have put a link to this cumulative Tables of Contents on the SDR homepage on Wiley InterScience.


Wiley proposal to put all SDR issues online

Wiley have sent the President of the Society a short amendment to the existing Wiley–SDS contract, to allow Wiley to digitize and publish online in Wiley InterScience all SDR issues right back to Volume 1, Issue 1. Once this is signed and we complete the work, the cumulative Tables of Contents page on the Society site can then link to all the online abstracts. (SDS members will of course enjoy access to the full-text version of all issues on Wiley InterScience.)


SDS proposal to link to online models connected with SDR papers

Wiley remain committed to helping to make this excellent idea work. We would link from the electronic abstract of each paper to the online model / data set. The abstracts are available for free to any user and this free access would encourage maximum use of the models, greater testing and replication of the results etc., as well more use of the full-text article themselves.

The online models would need to be hosted by an SDS administrator in as permanent a location as possible.


In the future Wiley would hopefully be able to back up and mirror this data.



Impact Factor

The Impact Factor currently stands at 0.379, putting the Review at 61st out of 71 in the general Management category and 25th out of 32 in the Social Sciences, Mathematical Methods category.


The graph ([REMOVED] copyright Thomson ISI: not for re-publication) shows the distribution by cited year of citations to articles published in the Review.



Most cited SDR research papers in recent years include:


Misperceptions of basic dynamics: the case of renewable resource management

SDR 20 (2): 139-162 2004


Using Digest to implement the pathway participation method for detecting influential system structure

SDR 20 (1): 1-20 2004


Perspectives on rationality in system dynamics - a workshop report and open research questions

SDR 20 (1): 75-87 2004


A scoping and consensus building model of a toxic blue-green algae bloom

SDR 20 (2): 179-198 2004




The above will be achieved through a combination of:

·       Online marketing activity, using Wiley InterScience as a hub

·       Mailing activity to subscription agents worldwide

·       Flyer mailing to sample copy requestors, lapsed and cancelled subscribers

·       Advertising in key journals and industry publications

·       Promotion via the SDS to potential new members

·       Promotion at key and niche conferences attended by Wiley

·       Promotion where possible at events not attended by Wiley

·       Active promotion by board members at lectures and other events


Action Summary

·       Postcards have been produced featuring clusters of Wiley journals. These are used for events and mailings, and offer a channel for customers to access sample copies and discover the benefits of subscribing. System Dynamics Review is featured on the ‘Business journals’ postcard.


Graham Russel 20 July 2006