Preparing the Files for Submission

For the review process, please upload one or two files for each submission.

File for review

This is the file that contains your work. No author information should be included in this file. For double blind review, it is the author's responsibility to strip the author information from the submission(s). The required format for this file is Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). The server will reject files with an extension other than .pdf.

Supporting materials

Supporting materials are items such as model files, or presentations. This file will be made accessible to the reviewers in addition to your file for review, so no author information should be included in this file either, during the review phase. This file can be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), MSWord (.doc and .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf) or MS PowerPoint (.pptx), as well as a model file in one of the common formats (.mdl, .vmf, .stmx, .itmx, .sim, or .sip). If you wish to upload a model file with an extension other than .mdl, .vmf, .stmx, .itmx, .sim, or .sip, you will need to zip it. 

You may upload only one (1) file. If you wish to upload more than one file as a supplement to your work, you will need to zip them. Uploading a second, separate file overwrites and replaces what was there. And, uploading a (revised) version overwrites and replaces the existing file.

Important: Please adhere to the size limit of 2 (two) megabytes for EACH of the files you will upload. Please make sure that the size of each file is less than 2 MB.

For more information, please visit the Contribution Requirements page.