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Members Only: March 1- March 31, 2018

Open to public: April 1-May 1, 2018

The Society Office will be relocating in August. We need to lighten our inventory. The following items will be offered at a discount (indicated) while supplies last. Please note that shipping costs on all items are additional. To check availability and to receive a shipping quote, please send an email with ‘Moving Sale’ in the subject line to [email protected]. You may also contact us by fax (+1.518.442.3398) or phone (+1.518.442.3865).

Please note, all duties (customs) and taxes are paid by the recipient.

Conference Proceedings: 1999-2014: Complete your collection or get the special System Dynamics Conference Proceedings you always wanted. During this limited period, conference proceedings are available at a cost of only US$5.00 each!

System Dynamics Review: 1985 (Volume 1, Issue 1)-2016 (Volume 32, Issue 2) If you need some issues to complete your collection, or would really like a specific issue this is a great opportunity. From now until May 1, 2018, current members of the Society may purchase back issues of the System Dynamics Review at a substantial discount. Single issues are priced at US$5.00 and double issues will be US$10.00!

Forrester Seminar Series: (DVD) Professor Jay Forrester, in the fall of 1999, conducted a seminar series for Ph.D. students in system dynamics. Each of the eleven three-hour sessions is devoted to a different stand-alone topic, which should be of benefit to any student or practitioner in the field. During the sale, each DVD is offered at a 25% discount. There are a number of complete sets available (also discounted 25%) – order early to avoid missing this opportunity!

MIT SD Group Literature Collection:  (DVD) This DVD contains over 3,500 D-memos, theses, publications, the Guided Study Program, the Road Map series and miscellaneous papers selected by Jay W. Forrester. This comprehensive collection includes substantive materials spanning nearly fifty years of work in System Dynamics and is offered at a 25% discount.

BooksThis is a great opportunity to expand your personal System Dynamics library! Unless listed below, take 10% off your book order!

Due to a surplus of stock, the following titles are being offered at a 50% discount!
Collected Papers of Jay W. Forrester by Jay W. Forrester
The Electronic Oracle
by D.H. Meadows and J.M. Robinson
Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory by George P. Richardson

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Fireside Chat DVD

Conference Satchels: We have a variety of satchels from conferences past. US$5.00

ponference satchels-various years

Once our supply of sale items is depleted, they will no longer be available. Please contact us as soon as possible.