2014 Conference, Delft

SIG-MA Related activities during the conference


1. Annual Meeting and Roundtable (Wednesday 15:00, Aula Room C):

As we do it every year, there will be an annual gathering of the SIG-MA members. Firstly, we aim to provide a brief introduction about the SIG for new members during this meeting. Additionally, we will discuss ways to increase communication and cooperation between SIG-MA members, and to increase the effectiveness of SIG-MA in facilitating that.

More importantly, it is aimed to use this meeting as an opportunity to introduce our ongoing model analysis related work to other members. In that respect, if you are currently working (worked or planning to work) on a topic that you consider as relevant for SIG-MA members, please join in our annual meeting to introduce yourself and your work briefly in a few minutes. We believe a speed-introduction will help us a lot in grasping the directions of research and ongoing studies in the related topics.


2. SIG-MA Ribbons


Remember the colorful ribbons from the 2013 Cambridge conference? You will see them also in Delft. SIG members will be able to wear ribbons of their SIGs on their name badges during the conference. This is expected to increase the visibility of your SIG affiliation and  help you in meeting with other members of the SIG-MA during informal gatherings. If you wish to wear the Model Analysis ribbon on your name badge during the conference, you can get your badges from the Chapter/SIG ribbon table – it will be set up near the registration desk on Sunday and Monday. Alternatively, you can contact me (Gönenç Yücel) via email before and during the conference and then pick up your ribbon from me.

3. SIG-MA Related Parallel Sessions

Plenary (362): Tuesday Afternoon TWIN SESSION: Methodology: Analysis and Data, chaired by John Sterman, Volunteer(s): Hugo Herrera, Robbert van Beek (Aula Auditorium)

  • Uncertainty and System Dynamics, by Erik Pruyt  Abstract
  • Structural dominance in large and stochastic models, by Rogelio Oliva  Abstract
  • A Survey of Methods for Data Inclusion in System Dynamics Models: Methods, Tools and Applications, by James Houghton, Michael Siegel, Daniel Goldsmith, Allen Moulton, Stuart Madnick, Anton Wirsch  Abstract


4. SIG-MA Related Parallel Sessions (This is a collection of sessions that I found relevant for SIG members. If you think there are other sessions that should be added to the list, please let me know. Gönenç)

Parallel (143): Methodology: Model Building, chaired by Eliot Rich, Volunteer(s): Christian Hugo Hoffmann (Aula Room D)

  • Comparing Behavioral Dynamics Across Models: the Case of Copper, by Jan Kwakkel, Willem Auping, Erik Pruyt  Abstract  Supporting
  • From data-poor to data-rich: System Dynamics in the era of Big Data, by Erik Pruyt, Scott Cunningham, Jan Kwakkel, Hans de Bruijn  Abstract
  • Market Penetration of Alternative Powertrain Concepts in Heavy Commercial Vehicles: A System Dynamics Approach, by Claudio Seitz, Orestis Terzidis  Abstract  Paper  Supporting

Parallel (449): Optimization and Analysis, chaired by Gönenç Yucel, Volunteer(s): Nikola Pucarevic (Aula Commissiekamer 3)

  • Robust optimization for policy design in system dynamics models, by Caner Hamarat, Erik Pruyt  Abstract
  • Modern Nonlinear Optimization Techniques for an Optimal Control of System Dynamics Models, by Ingmar Vierhaus, Armin Fugenschuh, Robert Lion Gottwald, Stefan Groesser  Abstract
  • Behavior Analysis and Testing Software (BATS), by Can Sucullu, Gönenç Yucel  Abstract

Parallel (141): Methodology: Modeling Approaches, chaired by Jürgen Strohhecker, Volunteer(s): Ariel Gani (Aula Senate Hall )

  • Agile SD: Fast, Effective, Reliable, by Kim Warren  Abstract  Paper
  • Using Case Survey Methodology to Extract Variables and Causal Links: An Example from Studying Business Process Change, by Zuzana Rosenberg, Marlen Christin Jurisch, Michael Schermann, Helmut Krcmar  Abstract  Paper
  • Standard Cases: Standard Structures: Standard Models, by Kim Warren  Abstract  Paper

Parallel (142): Methodology: Understanding Model Behaviour and Replicability, chaired by Diana Fisher, Volunteer(s): Christian Hugo Hoffmann (Aula Room D)

  • Novel Sensitivity Analysis for Dynamic Models, by Ahmed Yehia, Mohamed Saleh, Ayman Taha, Hisham El-Shishiny  Abstract  Paper
  • Adaptive sampling to explore the behavioral spectrum of system dynamics models: The case of mineral/metal scarcity, by Tushith Islam, Erik Pruyt  Abstract
  • Opportunity to improve: the first large scale empirical analysis about the replicability of system dynamics studies, by Stefan Groesser, Joanna Gabriel  Abstract  Link from authors


5. SIG-MA Related Posters (This is a collection of posters that I found relevant for SIG members. If you think there are others that should be added to the list, please let me know. Gönenç)

Poster (146): Methodology: Poster Session 2

  • The Future of Modeling and Simulation: Beyond Dynamic Complexity and the Current State of Science, by Erik Pruyt, Tushith Islam  Abstract
  • Combining the Strengths of System Dynamics and the Multi-Level Perspective to Explore Policies for Sustainable Transitions, by Christoph Mazur, Marcello Contestabile, Gregory Offer, Nigel Brandon  Abstract
  • The Scientist Personality of System Dynamics, by Camilo Olaya  Abstract
  • Using Difference Equation to Model Discrete-time Behavior in System Dynamics Modeling, by Reza Hesan, Amineh Ghorbani, Virginia Dignum  Abstract  Paper
  • The missing seventh stage: model construction, by Leonard Malczynski  Abstract

Poster (145): Methodology: Poster Session 1

  • Can System Dynamics learn from Social Network Analysis?, by Lukas Schoenenberger, Andrea Schenker-Wicki  Abstract  Paper  Slides
  • A Different Outlook On Stock-Flow Tasks: Using Eye Tracking Methodology To Explore Eye Movements Of Problem Solvers, by Hubert Korzilius, Stefan Raaijmakers, Eline de Jong  Abstract
  • A New Entity-Based System Dynamics Tool, by Larry Yeager, Thomas Fiddaman, David Peterson  Abstract  Paper
  • A data-driven and tool supported CLD creation approach, by Marc Drobek, Wasif Gilani, Danielle Soban  Abstract  Paper
  • Formal Behaviour Classification under Uncertainty: Applying Formal Analysis to System Dynamics, by Jurgen Kuipers  Abstract  Supporting
  • Boundary Concepts in System Dynamics, by John Trimble  Abstract


5. SIG-MA Related Meetings and Workshops

Meeting (151): XMILE Roundtable – Open Meeting, chaired by Karim Chichakly, Robert Eberlein, Volunteer(s): Tom Bongers (Aula Room B)

Workshop (167): Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis Part 1/2, chaired by Erik Pruyt, Volunteer(s): Nikola Pucarevic (TPM Room J)

Workshop (184): Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis Part 2/2, chaired by Erik Pruyt, Volunteer(s): Nikola Pucarevic (TPM Room J)

Workshop (176): Model Analysis Tools and Methods: Pattern-Based Model Testing – Part 1/4 or attend separately, chaired by Gönenç Yucel, Jim Duggan, Volunteer(s): Floortje d’Hont (TPM Room I)

Workshop (189): Model Analysis Tools and Methods: Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis Part 2/4 or attend separately, chaired by Gönenç Yucel, Jim Duggan, Volunteer(s): Floortje d’Hont (TPM Room I)

Workshop (190): Model Analysis Tools and Methods: Statistical Screening Part 3/4 or attend separately, chaired by Gönenç Yucel, Jim Duggan, Volunteer(s): Floortje d’Hont (TPM Room I)

Workshop (188): Model Analysis Tools and Methods: Loop Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis Part 4/4 or attend separately, chaired by Gönenç Yucel, Jim Duggan, Volunteer(s): Floortje d’Hont (TPM Room I)

Workshop (160): Agile SD: a fast, effective, reliable approach to model development Part 1/2, chaired by Kim Warren, Christopher Spencer, Volunteer(s): Robbert van Beek (TPM Room H)

Workshop (173): Hands-on Entity Based System Dynamics Part 1/2, chaired by Thomas Fiddaman, Larry Yeager, Volunteer(s): Hugo Herrera (TPM Room A)

Workshop (181): System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc), chaired by Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Volunteer(s): Oliver Handel (TPM Room F)