Abstract for: A Dynamic Theory of Healthcare Work Pressure, Nurses Well-being and Patient Satisfaction

To hospitals it is of great importance to maintain and increase healthcare performance, especially with respect to patient satisfaction. System dynamics (SD) modeling is used to better understand the interaction among patient satisfaction and work pressure among nurses, based on literature review and a case study research of the nursing-cardiology department of NLH Hospital. Current research finds that work pressure is a crucial factor to a hospitalís employee well-being and quality of care. This area of research covers many already known causal relationships but leading authors point out a lack of dynamic implications and effects over time. This research addresses the complex causal feedback mechanisms responsible for changes in work pressure, employee well-being and patient satisfaction over a time span of 10 years. Through an iterative process a quantitative SD model is built for capturing the relative impacts of feedback effects, and to provide insights for policies on the departmental level.