Abstract for: Systems View of Health, Wellbeing and Urban Transportation: An Evolving Picture

This document presents a comprehensive understanding of Urban Transportation, Health and Wellbeing as mutually coupled systems. Using Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs), it explains how transportation, health and wellbeing challenges in urban centres are not mutually exclusive but interdependent and dynamically complex in nature. It is expected that study of cause and effect relationships among a number of factors forming and affecting these systems will be useful for policymakers, civil society organisations and academia from health, environment, transport and land use planning and social wellbeing sectors to identify cross-sectoral linkages and leverages. This is an evolving picture and with more studies, it may eventually help integrate individual claims and mutual conflicts among a number of sections of sustainable urban development. The study was originally intended to engage experts and stakeholders to co-create and/or validate systems models, given a few limitations this objective was not achieved during the project duration. So, a summary of challenges, learning and design for future work in this direction are presented in the last section. A toolkit for engaging various stakeholders at the later stage of the program is given as supplementary material.