Abstract for: Ammended Methodology applied to Population Dynamics

System dynamics methodologies have been applied to a diverse range of disciplines for technical and educational purposes. One of the challenges of this methodology is the extensive time which needs to be invested to ensure a rigorous and robust system dynamics simulator, especially in its application to engineering problems. A new System dynamics application methodology is suggested in this paper, where applied system dynamics skills could be gained through a structured approach. This new methodology is applied to a basic population dynamics system in order to ensure the methodology is explained in a familiar, simplistic manner. This system was further expanded by considering population density, migration and resources. The results revealed that population dynamics is driven by structure as the system dynamics methodology could explain some of the current unique population groups (China, Japan, Africa), but also shed some light on the global population boom in the 1900s. It also reveals that the structure of population has the ability to survive extremely harsh conditions which our tribal ancestors experienced. Results of this study justify the usefulness of the amended methodology for gaining understanding and knowledge as well as to support decision making ability. This amended methodology is broken down into 15 individual concepts and could form the basis of teaching system dynamics modelling with a more practical approach.