Abstract for: Spreadsheep: information technologies to overcome perception delays in a dairy sheep supply chain

Sardinian island, an Italian region, account for about 3% of the world sheep milk and 8% of the world sheep cheese production. Produced milk is mainly transformed in Pecorino Romano PDO cheese and exported to United States. The historical trends of Pecorino Romano price showed increasing values with large oscillation patterns probably associated with the US cheese stock. It also causes high variations in the milk price at producers further amplified by unavailable information on cheese stocks, poor predictions of milk deliveries and frequent speculation chances. Lobbing activities are also frequent to promote institutional supports against low milk or cheese price or decreasing export trends. A causal loop diagram was built explaining the stakeholders relationships within the Sardinian sheep supply chain. An additional specific policy for the sheep sector development was identified in the opportunity to build a big-data pipeline called Spreadsheep. It will gather official statistics to feed prediction models of milk deliveries, processing and trade flows in order to estimate the cheese stock variation. It would provide high level of transparency and reduction of perception delays supporting strategic planning of farmers and cheese makers and helping to mitigate oscillations of milk price at producers.