Abstract for: The research of logistics infrastructure and human resources driving regional economy based on system dynamic

the article used system dynamics methods to reveal the key causal mechanisms, selecting dependent variables of regional economic value and industrial value, selecting independent variables of logistics infrastructure and human resources, selecting intermediary variables of logistics demand and supply, to build system dynamics model. The article extracted statistical yearbook data of Heilongjiang province and used VENSIM software to simulate model, and came to the following conclusions: The construction of infrastructure and human resources in logistics could promote regional economic system development significantly, also promoting industrial structure adjust for tertiary industry. Human resource promoting effects will more than infrastructure promoting effects significantly; Comparing with optimization system, Heilongjiang Province’s Logistics Industry development still remain in the logistics infrastructure construction, Heilongjiang province should drive the development of logistics human resources actively and make better use of the path of human resources to promote regional economic development and promote industrial structure adjust to tertiary industry.