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Date: 19/01/2010
System Dynamics Society (SDS) Education SIG event at London South Bank University. Kerry Turner's presentation "From Systems Thinking to Systems Living - Introducing ST to UK education" regarding her experiences and frustrations in disseminating SD in Education.
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About EdSIG

The SDS Education SIG continues to pursue its twin interests in the contribution of SD to Education Management and the evolution of the contribution of SD to the curriculum - in both cases the interest spans the whole span of education from pre school (K-12) through Higher Education towards life- long learning (PK-20+).

The Education Special Interest Group is very enthusiastic about advancing the theory and practice of System Dynamics in our particular domain. We are pleased to be part of the thrust of the SD Society to broaden the understanding and application of SD through the formation and support of Special Interest Groups.

The main concern of the E-SIG is to encourage the development of system dynamics theory and applications useful in the education domain. We are working toward applications relating to enrollment demand; teaching practice; teaching quality; human resource management; planning, budgeting and management; governance; endowment spending policy; and the external forces shaping the outlook for education.

The role of the SIG is described in the attached poster and the developments discussed in the 2009 SIG meeting are also attached.

The Education SIG of the System Dynamics Society - Poster
The Education SIG of the System Dynamics Society - Developments in 2009