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The Production Distribution Game – the “Beer Game” was developed to introduce students, managers and executives to concepts of system dynamics.

The Fish Banks Ltd. Game – the game was developed by Professor Dennis Meadows, co-author of “Limits to Growth.”

Books For Sale! A Collection of Books offered from within the world of System Dynamics.

The Forrester Seminar Series includes eleven three-hour sessions conducted by Professor Jay W. Forrester at the MIT Sloan School of Management and should be of interest and benefit to any student or practitioner in the field.

The MIT System Dynamics Group Literature Collection contains over 3600 D-memos, along with theses, publications, the Guided Study Program, the Road Map series and miscellaneous papers selected by Jay W. Forrester.

Fireside Chat with Jay Forrester, 2001 Available on DVD — enjoy George Richardson’s interview with Jay W. Forrester — recorded in 2001 at the 19th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Approximately one hour long.

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The Society also makes available back publications.