Policy Council MEETING PROTOCOL — Electronic Discussion, Submitting Reports, and Voting

A typical System Dynamics Society Policy Council Meeting includes both asynchronous electronic communication and a face-to-face meeting. The following covers the mechanics of the electronic portion.

Using the Policy Council Mailing List (pc-list):

The “Policy Council Mailing List” is open to current Policy Council members along with past members and other interested parties.

To send a message to everyone address it to pc-list@systemdynamics.org.

To reply to an existing message thread use “REPLY” to respond only to the sender or “Reply List” to respond to the whole list.

Messages are archived by thread so replying is good practice if you are on the same topic. For a different topic, send a new email. (The current archive is only available to the list members.)

The pc-list provides a coherent way to put forward and keep open discussion topics. The list archives discussions which are kept as part of the permanent record of the electronic PC meetings.

Policy Council officers and members are automatically added to the pc list and set up to receive emails (from pc-list@systemdynamics.org). If you have not seen these messages, check your spam settings. You can change your preferences for the pc-list by logging in to the Policy Council Mailing List.

The Policy Council Mailing List is easy to reach and use.
— As a member of the Policy Council Group you will receive emails from the pc-list@systemdynamics.org
— You may Post a New Thread
— You may Post a Reply to a Thread

To decline or unsubscribe from pc-list, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options please enter your email address on the options login page.

Policy Council Discussion Forum
To view past archived email discussion and reports from Policy Council meetings from March 2012 through January 22, 2017, login with the same username and password as used for access to the Society’s web portal.
(The Open Discussion Forum is still available without having to login.)

Web Portal
Instructions for Report Posting and Viewing

A few weeks before the meeting date all officers and active committees should submit a report.

To submit a report please use the Web Portal. Log in using your email address and password. This is the same system used to submit conference papers and complete instructions for using it.

If you do not know your password you can reset it by clicking on “Reset by email.” After you are logged in you should see a section referring to the upcoming PC meeting: “The [Current] Policy Council Meeting.” If you do not see this section heading please contact the Society office. The Policy Council Menu appears only for officers, PC members and those who have been added as guests (guests cannot vote but can submit reports and take part in discussion). Under the meeting name you will see two links – a link for the “Policy Council Menu,” and a link to “Submit a Report (New Submission).” To see what reports have been submitted and to make and vote on motions electronically enter the “Policy Council Menu.”

Use the “Submit a Report” link to submit a new report. Every report has both an abstract and a full report. The abstract will allow people to quickly learn the content of all reports. When you enter a report you will first be asked to either type in (or paste from a word processor) a short (less than 200 word) abstract. After you have entered this and clicked on “Submit” you will receive a page for uploading the full report, which must be a PDF file. If you have submitted a report previously there will be a link listing that report and allowing you to edit the title and abstract and re-upload an edited/updated report if necessary. Please submit all reports as Adobe Acrobat files – this simplifies the process of creating a record of reports as part of the meeting minutes. If you do not have the ability to create Adobe Acrobat files see the Web Portal instructions noted above or contact the Society Office.

To view reports, please visit the Policy Council link, under the heading “The [Current] Policy Council Meeting, near the bottom of your User Menu Page.

Motion Making and Electronic Voting

When a meeting is open the Web Portal allows electronic voting. To make a motion you can click on the “Make a New Motion” link on the Policy Council Menu Page. This should be done only after you have contacted the President to let him or her know your intent — the equivalent of being recognized in a meeting.

During the Winter PC meeting, all motions will be discussed and voted electronically; any motions drafted during the face-to-face meeting will be discussed further and voted on in the subsequent electronic meeting. In this case the President or Executive Director will add the motion to the system recording the name of the persons making and seconding the motion in notes.

Current Policy Council Officers and Members may vote. To vote on a motion that is open for voting, simply click on the motion and then the checkbox for your vote. You can change your vote using the same process as long as the motion remains open. Your vote is visible to everyone; there is no secret ballot voting supported.
REPORTING GUIDELINES: Reports should not contain any address or other personal information beyond name and organizational affiliation.

TO SECOND A MOTION: Log into the Policy Council Menu in the Web Portal, click on details… and then “Second this Motion”

1. Go to the Web Portal; Log in
2. Click on the button “Policy Council Menu”
3. Find motion and click on “details”
To vote on a motion that is open for voting, simply click on the motion and then the checkbox for your vote. You can change your vote using the same process as long as the motion remains open. Your vote is visible to everyone; there is no secret ballot voting supported.

E-VOTING SCHEDULE: standardized guidelines for making an electronic motion and voting

STEP 1. Electronic DISCUSSION for one week the Policy Council Mailing list (pc-list). Write a message on the pc-list; when posting this information on the pc-list include the proposed motion and the dates for the discussion phase and voting phases. (One week/seven days total)

STEP 2. Post the (revised) MOTION and if appropriate the proposal as a “report” on the PC Menu section of the Web Portal. (Seventeen days total: Built into the web portal system is seven days from posting a motion to voting open, then ten days from voting open to voting close. Include the dates, fill in voting start/end dates.)

STEP 2A. Start the one week/seven days of final discussion on the pc-list (including any non-binding straw polls on motion). Ask for a PC Member or Officer to second the motion.

STEP 2B. VOTING Open (Ten days – include the dates) Write a reminder on the pc-list to ask people to vote.

STEP 3. Voting Closed. Write a message with the results of voting to the pc-list. (Include the date)

NOTE: When voting on routine matters, Step 2A discussion can be omitted.