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Volume 13 - Number 2 - November 2000

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The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

Yaman Barlas has recently accepted the "Honorary Theme Editor" position for the system dynamics "Theme" of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). 

Intensive efforts are under way on the compilation of this major reference work, conceived as an essential guide for the achievement of global security through sustainable development. Its body of knowledge has been designed to integrate all fundamental aspects of the science, technology, and management of systems of life support, both natural and human engineered. In total, it will represent a comprehensive knowledge base describing the physical, chemical, biological, socio-economic, and social processes occurring on our planet on a global scale. The system dynamics Theme consists of six topics and 34 articles written by top experts in the field. For more information on this Theme, contact Yaman Barlas at

The EOLSS embodies the spirit of "science for sustainable development" as promulgated in Agenda 21 by the United Nations at its "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, but develops the concept further as "knowledge for sustainable development," thus transcending the conventionally understood boundaries of the term "science." The Encyclopedia is intended to provide much-needed scientific support for policies and decisions made at the Rio Summit and several succeeding events to ensure lasting local, regional, and global welfare. 

The International Editorial Council of the EOLSS comprises over 1000 expert members chosen to advise on the development of the Encyclopedia. The council is distinguished by the presence of Nobel and UN Kalinga Laureates and several Fellows of Academies of Science and Engineering of many countries in the world. 

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