President's Newsletter 
Volume 13 - Number 2 - November 2000

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Recent Successfully Completed PhD's in System Dynamics

Shayne Gary, "The Dynamics of Resource Sharing in Related Diversification: A Feedback Simulation Modeling Approach," London Business School, June 2000. 

Andreas Groessler, "Entwicklungsprozess und Evaluation von Unternehmenssimulatoren für lernende Unternehmen" (Development Process and Evaluation of Business Simulators for Learning Organisations). Universität Mannheim, May 2000. 

Naiyi Hsiao, "Exploration of Outcome Feedback for Dynamic Decision Making," University at Albany, May 2000. 

Kristine Kelly, "A Systems Approach to Identifying Decisive Information for Sustainable Development," University at Albany - SUNY, May 1999. 

Tsuey-Ping Lee, "The Dynamics of New York State Welfare Finance at the County Level: A Feedback View of System Behavior," University at Albany - SUNY, May 2000. 

Mohamed Loutfi, "An Analysis of the Decision Support System needed for Applications to States of Equilibria and Disequilibria in aspects of the Egyptian Economy, A Systemic Approach," Univ. of Sunderland, Oct. 2000. 

Jonathan D. Moizer, "System Dynamics Modelling of Occupational Safety: A Case Study Approach," University of Stirling, July 1999. 

Günther Ossimitz submitted his "Habilitations" work in October 2000 (University of Klagenfurt): Entwicklung systemischen Denkens. Theoretische Konzepte und empirische Untersuchungen. (Development of Systems Thinking Skills. Theoretical concepts and empirical investigations.). Profil Verlag, München. ISBN 3 - 89019 - 494 - X. 256pp. 

Scott Rockart, "Calling Spirits from the Deep: Competing for and through Sophisticated Customers," MIT, August 2000. 

Alexandre G. Rodrigues, "The Application of System Dynamics to Project Management: An Integrated Methodology (SYDPIM)," University of Strathclyde, May 2000. 

Ali Kerem Saysel, "Dynamic Simulation Model for Long Term Comprehensive Environmental Analysis of GAP," Bogazici University, Istanbul, 1999. 

John Wolfenden, "A Transdisciplinary Approach to Integrated Catchment Management: A Pragmatic Application of Ecological Economics," University of New England, Australia, 1999. 

On behalf of the System Dynamics Society: Congratulations! If you would like to have your name included in the next newsletter, please send information on your degree and dissertation to the Society office.

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