President's Newsletter 
Volume 13 - Number 2 - November 2000

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The System Dynamics Song: Close The Loop

Close the loop!
That's the system's marching song.
Close the loop,
As you model right and wrong.
(spoken) Be holistic; be heuristic; use the knack -
And if you ever get an output,
Feed it back!


The "System Dynamics Song," its official title, was originally written and performed in 1976 at Geilo, Norway by a group of attendees at the conference who protected their anonymity under the name of a Transient International Consortium at Geilo (TICAG). The version performed at Bergen, to the tune originally chosen by TICAG, was slightly modified by the performers to scan better and to add the wildly popular hand-jive.

Close the loop!
And if others tell you 'nay',
Call for help,
Call for Jorgen, Dennis, Jay.
(spoken) Economics, social science and LP
Cannot criticize because
They're feedback free!

Close the loop!
Our dynamic paradigm
Saves the world
In the very nick of time.
(spoken) If your model gains no actions,
Do not fear;
There'll be new political factions
In a year.

Surprise appearance by Artists/Singers/Dancers Joel Rahn, George Richardson, Brian Dangerfield, Alan Graham and Andy Ford at the 2000 Bergen Conference Banquet with their reenactment of the original "System Dynamics Song."

Close the loop!
Ah, but never rate to rate!
Close the loop!
Watch it blow or oscillate.
(spoken) When parameters are murky
And dimensions are defiled,
When your smoothing turns out jerky
And your client's getting riled,

Here's the answer,
Here's the story,
Here's the scoop:
Close the loop!
Close the loop!
Close the loop!


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