President's Newsletter 
Volume 13 - Number 1 - May 2000

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Society Information

Current Society Officers:

President:  Jac A.M. Vennix  Policy Council Members: 
President Elect:  Ali N. Mashayekhi  Carmine Bianchi 
Past President: Alexander L. Pugh III  David Ford 
Secretary:  Michael J. Radzicki Frank H. Maier 
Vice Presidents:  Anjali M. Sastry 
Finance: David F. Andersen  Jack B. Homer 
Publications: Eric F. Wolstenholme Paul A. Langley 
Members and  Rogelio Oliva 
Chapter Act.: Nan S. Lux  Ginny Wiley 
At Large: Roger I. Hall Celine Bak 
Meetings: Robert L. Eberlein John Barton 
Review Editor: Graham Winch Jonathan M. Coyle 
Founding President: Jay W. Forrester John Heinbokel

For more current and historical information about the Society, please refer to the Policy Council website at or through the link from our website 

System Dynamics Society Bibliography Update:

The System Dynamics Society is continuing the effort to update our bibliography. In order to make the bibliography as comprehensive as possible, we are asking you for help in compiling a retrospective reference list. Journal articles, monographs and dissertation bibliographic references are needed. All of the articles and related bibliographic references from the System Dynamics Review, Society Conference Proceedings, the System Dynamics Society Newsletter and the Systems Thinker are already included in the bibliography and do not need to be submitted. 

If you are an author or editor, send your publication list so we can check our current database for com-pleteness. If you are the head of a firm, academic department or other organization, please send the organization's publication list, including all dissertations and published research reports. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Society office at the address listed below. All bibliographical formats will be accepted; electronic submissions are preferred. The preferred language is English, but all titles will be included if they deal specific-ally with the fields of system dynamics and systems thinking. Transliterations of titles not in English would be appreciated. Please include the name, address, and email address of a contact person in case of questions. 

JOURNAL ARTICLES should include at least the author(s)' full name, the title, year, journal title, volume, issue number, starting and ending pages and keywords that are not included in the title. Other useful information would include an abstract and the journal's ISSN. 

MONOGRAPHS should include the author(s)' full name, the title, year, edition number, city of publication, publisher, number of pages, number of volumes, keywords and ISSN. 

REPORTS, working papers and the like should include the same information as for a monograph, plus the name of the agency or firm responsible and any report ID number. 

CHAPTERS should include the same information as for a monograph, as well as the chapter title, author/editor, and starting and ending pages. 

DISSERTATIONS should include the author(s)' full name, year, title, university, number of pages and type of theses (MS, PhD, etc.). 

Please send your submissions to the Society office at: Email:, Fax: (518) 442-3398, Mail: System Dynamics Society, Milne 300 - Rockefeller College, University at Albany - SUNY, Albany NY 12222 USA 

Proposed Changes to the Bylaws of the System Dynamics Society: 

Over time, some of the statements and practices specified in our bylaws have either changed, or have never been used. To make our bylaws current, we would like you to vote on the proposed change(s) listed below. According to the rules for changing the bylaws, the proposed change(s) must be distributed not less than six weeks before a general business meeting, and opportunities shall be given for discussion at this general business meeting. This opportunity will occur at the conference this summer in Norway. Not more than eight weeks after the general business meeting in Norway, the Society secretary will distribute by mail, to all members, copies of the proposed change(s), an explanation for the purposed change(s), ballot forms, and the effective date of the proposed change(s) if approved. Ballots will be mailed out sometime in late September. We urge you to fill out and return the ballot, as the bylaws can only be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members. For more information, please visit the Policy Council website at

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

System Dynamics Review On-Line:

John Wiley & Sons have pleasure in welcoming members of the System Dynamics Society to the online edition of the System Dynamics Review. In 2000, your membership journal subscription includes access to the full text online, plus unlimited access to all tables of content and abstracts of the 300+ journals available though the service. 

Wiley InterScience, at is the dynamic online content service from John Wiley & Sons delivering the full text of over 300 leading professional, scientific and technical journals online plus, new in 2000, full online content from some of the world's leading major reference works. Your 2000 subscription includes online access to all existing years of data, back to 1996, giving you access to 4 years' worth of content. Forthcoming highlights from Wiley InterScience for the Year 2000 include: 

For further information on how to access System Dynamics Review online contact Sarah Stevens at John Wiley & Sons E-mail:

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Roberta L. Spencer, Executive Director
System Dynamics Society
Milne 300 - Rockefeller College
University at Albany – SUNY
Albany, New York 12222 USA
Phone: (518) 442-3865     Fax: (518) 442-3398

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