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Volume 13 - Number 1 - May 2000

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Minutes of Winter Policy Meeting on March 29, 2000

The meeting was chaired by President Jac A.M. Vennix. Reports were given by the Vice Presidents of Finance, Meetings and Members/Chapters. In addition, reports were given by the Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review, the Executive Director of the System Dynamics Society, and by our publisher John Wiley & Sons. The 2001 slate of elected officers and Policy Council members was announced as well as the approval of a Society Webmaster. A meeting was held to discuss the Society's electronic presence the day before the Policy Council meeting.

Electronic Presence Meeting attended by VP - Finance David Andersen, President Jac Vennix, Webmaster Jack Pugh, Executive Director Roberta Spencer, Secretary Mike Radzicki and Web Assistant Vedat Diker
President Jac Vennix chaired the Policy Council Meeting, flanked by Secretary Mike Radzicki and guest John Sterman

Founding President Jay Forrester, VP Finance David Andersen and Webmaster Jack Pugh

Secretary Elect 2001 David Packer. In attendance, but missing from photos are VP - Members and Chapter Activities Nan Lux and Policy Council Member John Heinbokel

VP - Meetings Bob Eberlein, meeting host Khalid Saeed and Policy Council Member Ginny Wiley


The complete version of minutes from the meeting held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts, USA. will be posted online at

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