President's Newsletter 
Volume 14 - Number 1 - April 2001

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Society Information

2001 Officers of the System Dynamics Society:

President:  Ali Mashayekhi
Sharif University of Technology 
System Dynamics Review Executive Editor:   Graham W. Winch
President Elect:  James H. Hines, Jr.,
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology and LeapTec
Policy Council:
 Jack B. Homer
Paul A. Langley
Rogelio Oliva
Ginny Wiley
Past President:  Jac A. M. Vennix
University of Nijmegen 
2000-2002 Celine Bak
John Barton
Jonathan Coyle
John Heinboke
Founding President:  Jay W. ForresterMassachusetts Institute of Technology 2001-2003 Carol Frances
M. Mojtahedzadeh
David Peterson
Habib Sedehi
Secretary:  David W. Packer, 2001-2002Systems Thinking Collaborative
Vice Presidents:
At Large: 
David F. Andersen, 1999-2001
Eric Wolstenholme, 2000-2002
Nan S. Lux, 1999-2001
Michiya Morita, 2001-2003
Robert L. Eberlein, 2001-2003
Chapter Representatives: Australasia, Robert Y. Cavana; China, Qifan Wang; Italy, Carmine Bianchi;
Japan, Hironori Kurono; Korea, Myoung Ho Lee; United Kingdom, Jonathan Coyle

Changes to the Bylaws In September 2000, ballots were sent out to our membership regarding an update to the Society bylaws. We received the required two-thirds of the membership vote to approve the changes. The vote was initiated because over time, some of the statements and practices specified in our bylaws have either changed, or have never been used. The update makes our bylaws current. In summary the bylaws changes include:

" The System Dynamics Society has a domain name and new web address: Many thanks to Daniel Aronson for securing the name and to Jack Pugh, Webmaster for getting it up and running. (The old web address still works.) Jack is still hoping for some help with a short annotated bibliography of system dynamics books and publicly available articles introducing system dynamics; brief descriptions of successful system dynamics projects to encourage the novice to try system dynamics; more materials for distance learning; and models/games that can run over the web. Powersim may be contributing a website for managing such models. 

The campaign to update the Society web page "Where Can I Study System Dynamics?" has resulted in a great deal of new information on that site. It can be reached at: If you are teaching using system dynamics, and your course description is not here or has not yet been updated, please send in your information as requested on the site. We hope this page will give interested students some idea of where the field of system dynamics can be studied around the world at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Roberta L. Spencer, Executive Director
System Dynamics Society
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Albany, New York 12222 USA
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