President's Newsletter 
Volume 14 - Number 1 - April 2001

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Minutes of Winter Policy Meeting on February 15, 2001

The Winter Policy Council Meeting was held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In attendance: Ali Mashayekhi (President), James Hines (President Elect), Jay W. Forrester (Founding President), David Andersen (V.P. Finance), Nan Lux (V.P. Chapters), Robert Eberlein (V.P. Meetings), David Packer (Secretary), and Policy Council Members Rogelio Oliva, Ginny Wiley, Jonathan Coyle, John Heinbokel, Carol Frances, Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, David Peterson. Guests included Jack Pugh, Webmaster, John Sterman, Allen Boorstein, Hazhir Rahmandad, Michael Radzicki, Khalid Saeed, and Roberta Spencer, Executive Director. 

Jay Forrester speaking with PC Member Jonathan Coyle

Informational items included reports from the Executive Director, Vice President-Finance, Vice President-Publications, the Society Webmaster, System Dynamics Review Editor, Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Vice President-Meetings, and Vice President-Chapters. In addition, reports were given from the following committees: Curriculum, Nominating, and Administrative. To view the full reports, please go to the website at then go to "Member Services, Bylaws, Minutes and Reports" and finally click on "Business Meetings Minutes." 

Action Items that were voted on and approved included

President Ali Mashayekhi, Secretary David Packer and Member John Sterman

Discussion Items

  1. Increasing the quality and quantity of system dynamics education 
  2. Increasing the quality and quantity of papers flowing to the System Dynamics Review and other top journals 
  3. Open relationships with other professional societies

Any System Dynamics Society member may submit other nominations for these offices and positions, provided that 

  1. Each such nomination is accompanied by a petition signed by twenty-five members in good standing or ten percent of the total membership, whichever is less,
  2. Each nominee is a member in good standing, 
  3. Written evidence is submitted to the effect that each nominee has agreed to stand for election, and 
  4. Such nominations reach the Secretary within five weeks after publication of nominations received from the Nominating Committee. 

If no nominations are received by the Policy Council from the membership at large, the slate of candidates submitted by the nominating committee and approved by the council will be deemed elected. If the Council has received any nominations from the membership at large, the Society business office will mail to all members a ballot, plus a brief biographical sketch of each nominee, during the second quarter of the fiscal year. To be counted, ballots must reach the Society business office on or before June 30th. The Secretary will arrange to count the ballots after the close of the election.

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