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Volume 14 - Number 1 - April 2001

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Mid-Year Society Chapters' Updates
edited by Nan Lux, V.P. Chapters

The System Dynamics Society has six official country chapters that are important in spreading the knowledge and use of system dynamics in their home countries. The newest chapter, the Korean Chapter, had its petition accepted last summer at the Bergen Conference, and the Japanese Chapter recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Japanese Chapter has a membership of 111 people. Their 10th year celebration was held last October at Chuo University in Tokyo. The founding president of the Chapter, Professor Shimada, was there and spoke at the ceremony. Besides their monthly seminars, this past January, the Japanese Chapter under the guidance of their current president, Professor Kobayashi, presented a well-attended management seminar on "Business Mode Innovation for Executives." Please visit the Japanese Chapter website at that is in both Japanese and English. The Chapter has a Japanese version of the Beer Game Kit there to download.

The Italian Chapter also reports an active year so far. Under the leadership of Carmine Bianchi <>, the Chapter is preparing for three conferences this year along with making plans for the 2002 Society annual conference to be held in Palermo next summer. They have a new and interesting home page at and also have started an E-mail discussion list. The CUSA-System Dynamics Group is working on four research projects, one of which focuses on the global concerns of European SME's in the world trade system. Various research papers have been published by members of the Italian Chapter, along with a book by Professor Bianchi and an upcoming book to be completed by Edoardo Mollona.

A mid-year report came from the Australasian Chapter mentioning they have 33 members in the Chapter, including 22 from Australia and 11 from New Zealand. New Zealand, especially, has increased support for system dynamics in the universities along with the private and public sectors. A system dynamics study group has been formed in Melbourne. Keith Linard is working on a web page for the Chapter. John Barton <> is the current President and Bob Cavana is the Policy Council Representative. Peter Galbraith deserves recognition for his work in developing the Chapter membership database. The next Chapter annual meeting is scheduled for November 2001 at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia.

The United Kingdom Chapter summary written by John Morecroft <> explains they held their annual gathering in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for a lively forum bringing together 50 academics, policy makers and consultants. The Chapter awarded the prize for the best UK student project to Dr. Patricia Woodhead of the Weston Area Health Trust for her MBA thesis on modeling NHS policy for coronary disease in North Somerset. Also speaking at the annual meeting were Kim Warren, Michael Kennedy, and Terry Williams.

I would also like to recognize the many activities of the National Capital System Dynamics Group in Ottawa, Canada. In their second year as an interest group, the NCSDG's upcoming schedule may be viewed at We will be hearing more updates this summer from these Chapters, and from Korea and China, at the Atlanta Conference. If you are interested in forming a new chapter or an interest group of the System Dynamics Society, please do contact me at <> for information.

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