Niyousha Hosseinichimeh Accepts New Position

We are pleased to share the news that Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, after finishing a post-doctoral appointment, has been named to a tenure track position in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. She will continue her work on health policy research at the Northern Virginia Center in the Washington DC area. Niyousha writes about her System Dynamics colleagues "Thank you so much for all the support and help that you have provided." Niyousha received her PhD from Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany in May 2012. Her thesis was entitled "Essays on the Effects of Public Policies On Emergency Department Use in US." Congratulations, Niyousha!"

Krys Stave Promoted to Professor at UNLV

Krystyna Stave Ph.D., has been promoted to the rank of Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, School of Environmental and Public Affairs, effective July, 1, 2015. Krys has been an active member of the System Dynamics Society for many years, serving in several capacities, including Society Policy Council Member (2006-2008), Dana Meadows Award Committee (2005-present), VP Member Services (2009), and Conference Thread Co-chair (2010-2015). Krys writes "The System Dynamics Society has been an important professional family for me throughout my career. This promotion is due in large part to the wonderful friendships and collaborations I’ve had with System Dynamics Society members over the years. Thank you all for your support." Congratulations Krys!

Tiru Arthanari to Receive "Lifetime Achievement" Award

Congratulations to colleague Tiru Arthanari! The Operational Research Society of India (ORSI ) has announced Tiru will be honored with the ORSI Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual convention to be held in Bhubaneswar in December 2015. "I thank all my colleagues and co-authors who supported me and my research all these years," says Tiru. In addition to this recognition, Tiru will also become a fellow of ORSI, an exceptional distinction. ORSI is a national forum committed to improving the quality of life for individuals through promoting education and the application of OR in business, industry and other organizations. This memorial award is given in tribute to Dr. Munish Chandra Puri, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Ross Collins brings his System Dynamics application to PA Consulting

Ross D. Collins, a 2015 PhD graduate of MIT in Engineering Systems, is turning convention on its head with dissertation research on sustainable energy in developing countries. Whereas current evaluation practices measure economic progress retrospectively—looking at established infrastructure and capital assets—Ross projects sustainability prospectively by analyzing models of alternative energy infrastructure development in several oil-exporting countries in the Middle East. His dissertation title is "Using Inclusive Wealth as a Measure of Sustainability for Infrastructure Planning and Evaluation." Read more about Ross’ recent involvement with the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan. Now Ross brings his System Dynamics application to PA Consulting in Cambridge, MA. Congratulations, Ross!

David Wheat Inducted into Lord Botetourt High School Hall of Fame

David Wheat has been inducted into the Lord Botetourt High School Hall of Fame in Daleville, VA. David moved his family to Botetourt County in 1980 for a slower pace of life after government and consulting careers in Washington and Houston. During his time at LBHS in the 1990s, David was an Advanced Placement government teacher and coach of the Lady Cavaliers basketball team, leading the students to academic and athletic success in the classroom and on the court.

David returned to consulting full-time after his teaching and coaching experience, then moved to Norway to earn a PhD in System Dynamics at the University of Bergen, where he is now an associate professor. In Norway, David teaches simulation modeling and policy design to about 50 international students each year, and supervises Master's and PhD students. His research involves building simulation models of national and regional economic systems. This month (September 2015), he is in Kyiv and Vilnius, teaching monetary policy and conducting research at Lithuania's central bank. David is also an adjunct professor of economics at Virginia Western Community College, and for fifteen years has been teaching online distance learning courses to students in Roanoke from his home in Norway. David has conducted guest lectures in Africa, Europe, and North and South America. He is currently a Policy Council Member of the System Dynamics Society and also served as past-president of the Economics Chapter. You may find the full article here. Congratulations David!

Warren Farr visited Rockefeller College at the University at Albany

He talked about his path to System Dynamics and how System Dynamics was used to analyze residential air conditioning industry unit sales and in what way this would affect his firm, Refrigeration Sales Corporation, located in Ohio. Warren is a practicing System Dynamics modeler and mid-size business owner / manager. In his model, he projected that ‘word of mouth’ helped the industry sales grow in early years. However, the ‘durability of the products’ prevented the need for customers to replace the air conditioner very often. In fact, ‘durability’ plays the role of ‘delay’ in this system and it causes an overshoot in sales before the long-run replacement sales rate is reached. The structure of the air conditioning industry made a sales overshoot inevitable. The model’s behavior is robust to changes in parameters values (with the exception of durability). For better understanding, Warren showed another model in which the durability lasts a lifetime and the behavior is the same. The latter model was about acquiring MBA degrees in the United States. When one gets a degree, it is recognized for the remainder of that person’s working career. While the dynamics of the air conditioning industry are now known, it is unclear if the "MBA industry" will experience a similar sales overshoot.

For more information on the air conditioning model, please see the 2013 conference paper "Value and Acceptance of System Dynamics in Business: Business Owner as System Dynamics Practitioner Perspective." And, for more information on the MBA degree model, please see the 2014 conference paper "Implications of MBA Durability for Providers of Masters in Business Administration Degrees."

Valerie Gacogne Elected Deputy Mayor of Quimper, Brittany, France

Valerie Gacogne has partially set aside her System Dynamics consulting projects and her firm Complexio for the next six years. A novice in politics, she has been catapulted into the governance arena in Quimper, Brittany, France. Valerie wrote "Two years ago I was convinced to run for local elections, and I have been elected Deputy Major for six years (did not expect that!). This is a big job but I love it. For the first time in my life I feel a little helpful to other people. Quimper is a wonderful city with about 95,000 inhabitants." The term as Deputy Mayor started in April 2014.

Valerie has recently developed a System Dynamics model to simulate the pork market in France, since 15,000 jobs are currently in jeopardy in Brittany. Valerie writes "So, System Dynamics helps me every day."

David Ford Promoted to Professor at Texas A&M

We are pleased to share with you news that System Dynamics Society Member, David Ford, Ph.D., P.E., has been promoted to the rank of Professor at Texas A&M University, Department of Civil Engineering, effective September, 1, 2015. David has been a long-term, active member of the System Dynamics Society, serving as President of the Society in 2012, Managing Editor of the System Dynamics Review from 2008 through 2011, and Program Chair for the 2009 International Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. David writes "I am grateful to all those who have supported my career over the years. I look forward to continuing to be an active member of the System Dynamics Community." Congratulations David!

Wolfgang Munar appointed as Associate Director for Global Health and Social Policy Design at the Brown School Social System Design Lab

We are pleased to share with you Dr. Wolfgang Munar’s new role at the Brown School Social System Design Lab as the Associate Director for Global Health and Social Policy Design.

Dr. Wolfgang Munar joined the Brown School as a Senior Scholar last year and is now the Associate Director for the Institute for Public Health’s Center for Global Health at Washington University. Dr. Munar has extensive experience working with policy makers on global health issues, and has made significant contributions in advancing the application of systems science tools to informing the design of country level global health initiatives and policies. In his new role as the Associate Director for Global Health and Social Policy Design, Dr. Munar will lead the development of system science translational tools for global health and social policy.

Hazhir Rahmandad’s course ‘Research Seminar in System Dynamics’ Now Online

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is now offering the course Research Seminar in System Dynamics as part of its OpenCourseWare. This doctoral level seminar in System Dynamics modeling provides background on classic works in dynamic modeling as well as current research problems and papers. With a focus on social, economic and technical systems, participants will learn to critique theories and models. The course was originally taught in the spring of 2014 by Professor Hazhir Rahmandad. MIT OpenCourseWare, founded in 1999, provides free and open materials online from the MIT curriculum.

Second Edition of Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics Just Published

A second edition of Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamic: A feedback systems approach by, Society member, John D.W. Morecroft was recently published and is available for purchase. Morecroft’s book is an essential guide for understanding the importance of modelling in the business environment. Covering all the stages of model building, the book provides the latest state-of-the-art thinking, concepts and techniques for systems modelling. John A Queich, Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School and formerly Dean of London Business School, said, "This book, with its vivid examples and simulators, is helping to bring modelling, System Dynamics and simulation into the mainstream of management education where they now belong." In addition to the new version of the book, the updated version includes a learner’s website with models, articles and videos. For more information please visit the publisher’s website. John is a Senior Fellow, Management Science and Operations at London Business School.

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