Delft is primarily known for its beautiful historic town center with canals, its ancient churches, Delft Blue, and the painter Johannes Vermeer.

2016 Conference, Delft, Netherlands, July 17-21
34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Submission Opening February 1, 2016
Submission Deadline March 23, 2016
Hosted by Delft University of Technology

Overview: The annual System Dynamics conference brings together people from around the world to share research and application results and to build the community of those active in the field.

The conference theme is “Black Swans and Black Lies: System Dynamics in the Context of Randomness and Political Power-play.” System Dynamics has proven useful to analyze dynamically complex economic, social, and environmental issues. It is an effective methodology for designing robust systems and policies. We hope to challenge this usefulness in two areas: first, when systems are prone to be affected by random events that we were not able to include in our models; second, when System Dynamics models are not used in a fair or transparent way. An example for the former is our tendency to model averages that fail to account for unlikely but important outlier effects that can both boom or bust an organization. The intentional ignorance of modeling results in bargaining processes when they would limit a negotiator’s power provide an example of the later. With a focus on how System Dynamics modeling can be used to understand resilience against shocks and to support implementation of policies, we address major epistemological and teleological questions.

There will be plenary presentations showcasing important work in the field, along with parallel and poster sessions, making available the most current research, applications, and work in progress. There is a full day of skill-building workshops covering a range of topics from basic software use to advanced analysis techniques. In addition, there will be interest group sessions, student colloquia, the modeling assistance workshop, vendor displays, demonstrations, and more. The conference schedule will provide time for social and professional interaction.

Program: The conference program will consist of invited and contributed sessions and workshops. We welcome all research and documented consulting activities in System Dynamics. The conference schedule is organized by thread. The tentative list of threads for 2016 is: Business, Economics, Environment, Health, Human Behavior, Information and Knowledge, Learning and Teaching, Methodology, Operations, Resources, Security, Stakeholder Engagement, and Strategy.

Conference Contacts:

    Program Chairs

  • Birgit Kopainsky
    University of Bergen
  • Andreas Größler
    Radboud University Nijmegen
    Organizing Chairs

  • Erik Pruyt
  • Monique van der Toorn
  • C. Els van Daalen
    Delft University of Technology
    Workshop Chairs

  • Jack B. Homer
    Homer Consulting
  • Hazhir Rahmandad
    Virginia Tech

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