2013 Conference Proceedings Available

The 2013 Cambridge Conference full proceedings online, including final version papers supplied by authors, is now available (open source) at

The list of papers, workshops and events is organized alphabetically by author with links to each paper. There are additional links to abstracts, supporting materials, and web sources when provided. You will also find instructions on how to create a CD of the conference full proceedings and information on ordering a bound, printed set.

Other links available on this web page include:
• Abstract Proceedings: the printed abstract proceedings in a single Adobe Acrobat file
• Sessions by Thread: a list of papers organized by subject area with links to each abstract, paper, and supporting material
• PhD Colloquium: a link to the web site maintained by the Student Chapter
• Related Links for Awards, Sponsors, Sponsor Notes, and Photos

System Dynamics Society Awards Given at the Conference

Lifetime Achievement Award The System Dynamics Society occasionally recognizes people for making a significant contribution to a field or a practice over an extended period of time by giving them the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the only award of the Society that is based on a body of work done over a lifetime and not on a single article. This year, this award was presented to John Richardson for his work in sustainable development and public policy.

Dennis Meadows, John Richardson, and Jack Homer
Benjamin Turner, and Joanne Egner

The Barry Richmond Scholarship Award is presented annually to a deserving system dynamics practitioner whose work demonstrates a desire to expand the field or apply it to current social issues. This year's recipient was Benjamin Turner, a PhD candidate at South Dakota State University for his papers "Student Initiated Systems Dynamics in the Academic Setting: Opportunities, Challenges and Enjoying the Process" and "An Investigation into Land Use Changes and Consequences in the Northern Great Plains Using Systems Thinking and Dynamics".

The System Dynamics Applications Award is presented by the Society every other year for the best "real world" application of system dynamics. The Society awarded its 2013 Applications Award to John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin and Lori Siegel for their work Climate Interactive: The C-ROADS Climate Policy Model.

John Sterman, Philip Rice, Andrew Jones, Lori Siegel, Thomas Fiddaman, and Travis Franck

The Dana Meadows Award of the System Dynamics Society is given annually for the best paper by a student presented at the annual System Dynamics Conference. Established in 2001, the prize celebrates and recognizes high quality student work in the field of system dynamics. The 2013 recipient was Sebastian Villa Betancur from the University of Lugano for his paper (co-authored by Paulo Goncalves and Santiago Arango) Exploring Retailer's Ordering Decisions Under Delays. The 2013 Honorable Mention recipient was Rodney James Scott from the University of Queensland for his paper (co-authored by Robert Cavana and Donald Cameron) Evaluating long-term impact of qualitative system dynamics workshops on participant mental models.

Bob Cavana and John Morecroft
Paulo Goncalves and John Morecroft

The winners of Best Poster Presentation at the Poster Symposium were Simon Gloeser and Marcel Soulier for Using Dynamic Stock & Flow Models for Global and Regional Material and Substance Flow Analysis - An Example for Copper. There were two Honorable Mention Poster Presentations: Roland Maximilian Happach and Meike Tilebein for The establishment of container-deposit on single-use beverage packaging in Germany, and Stefan Groesser and Martin Schaffernicht for Elicitation of Mental Models of Dynamic Systems: Do Existing Elicitation Approaches Suffice?

Roland Maximilian Happach, Martin Schaffernicht, Stefan Groesser, Tom Fiddaman, Simon Gloeser, and Marcel Soulier

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Policy Council Meeting
By J. Bradley Morrison, Secretary

Minutes of the Meeting of the Policy Council and the General Business Meeting can be found in their entirety by clicking on the "Governance" button on the System Dynamics Society website. Please visit the website to learn about the business discussed and to view the reports and information presented for the 2013 Summer Policy Council Meeting. The routine reports are now posted for the Winter PC Meeting, rather than the Summer Meeting.

At its 2013 Summer meeting, the Policy Council passed the following motions:

• Approve the minutes of Winter 2013 Policy Council Meeting
• Accept the proposed 2014 Society budget with the specified designations
• Approve Standing Committee Members appointed by the President
o Administrative Committee: John Morecroft (Chair) 2014-2016
o Awards Committee: Erling Moxnes (Chair) 2013-2015; Jac Vennix 2014-2016 (reappointment); Brad Morrison 2014-2016
o Organization and Bylaws: Brad Morrison 2014-2016 (reappointment)
o Strategy Committee: Erling Moxnes 2014-2016 (reappointment)

The Policy Council also holds electronic votes from time to time during the periods between face-to-face meetings. Please find a brief summary of recent electronic voting below. Motions passed during pre-summer 2013 Policy Council Meeting:

• Recognition of the Business SIG
• Re-appointment of David Lane (8/13 - 7/16) to the Nominations Committee
• Increase in the amount of the Dana Meadows Award to $1500

Policy Council Meeting
Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 21, 2013
Chair: Kim Warren, President

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Comments from Participants

I enjoyed the conference a great deal – it was one of the best SD conferences I've ever attended. –John Morecroft (United Kingdom)

I enjoyed seeing old friends, making some new ones and generally getting inspired to work another 40 years! –Sherry Immediato (USA)

Another great conference in Cambridge; thanks. – David Wheat (Norway)

I very much enjoyed the SDS conference, learning, and meeting many great people from all over the world. –Eliot Evans (USA)

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, despite the age and schooling differences. We met people from all around the world and made connections with all sorts of people. –Jacob Phillips (USA)

I also wanted to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed strolling in the poster session room. Unbelievably this led within a couple of hours to three very useful and educational conversations with system dynamicists from all over the world, and to a quick overview of what is going on in the field. Most productive use of my time! –Jorgen Randers (Norway)

I really enjoyed the conference. …it was my first time at this conference and I found it very productive. I already started working on my paper for the next conference. –Carlos Adrián Saldarriaga (Colombia)

Congratulations on the amazing conference, and thank you so much for the opportunity to join and contribute. Although it was my first time to attend the conference, I felt welcomed, and really had the best conference experience over the last few years. –Fady Saad (USA)

…we attend a number of conferences and I can say that your organisation is better than all others by far. –Oliver Grasl (Germany)

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Thank You!

Many thanks to all who contributed their writing, photographs, and information to this issue of the newsletter. Thanks to all conference volunteers: Chris Baker, Tristan deWildt, Muhammad Rihan Handaulah, Hugo Herrera, Rachel Howell, Katrina Hull, Dominik Jung, Özge Karanfil Yigit, Stefan Katz, András Kovari, Jurgen Kuipers, Ruben Moorlag, Taylor Moulton, Weijia Ran, Anika Rose, Fady Saad, Lukas Sihombing, Conrad Sun, Andrew Thompson, Olga Tolmachova, Georgios Tsaples, Rick van Staveren.

Conference photos are provided by: Dean L. Christensen, Philip Emmi, Hugo Herrera, András Kovari, Taylor Moulton, Lukas Sihombing, and many others.

A sincere THANK YOU to all conference sponsors!

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