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AnyLogic builds models using a simulation software for businesses. We are the only software which supports multi-method modeling (discrete, agent, and system modeling). Locations around the world, we serve local and multi-national companies.

New products, books or services:
AnyLogic has a variety of books, training courses, and educational products, which help companies solve their business challenges. Some of these include:

• Upcoming courses, workshops or events • Contact AnyLogic North America: Conclusion:
We are continuously improving, not just the software but the overall experience by adding new resources to the website and developing tutorial videos. You’re invited to visit our website Learn more about how AnyLogic can work for you. Look us up and stop by our booth - see you at the System Dynamics conference in Cambridge, MA.

Pure & Simple Ingredients for a Pure & Simple World

The BumbleBar story starts in 1995 in a tiny little bakery in the heart of Seattle. Just as the buzz of the city would start to diminish to a low hum and most people were crawling into bed, owner and founder Liz Ward was firing up stoves and handcrafting what would eventually become BumbleBar. By renting out kitchens by night Liz combined hours of creativity, hard work and sesame seeds to develop what we now know and love as BumbleBar.

It is a passion for pure and simple ingredients that started BumbleBar and a passion for community development that has inspired them to keep growing.

Ethical sourcing is a priority above all else; it is part of the DNA of BumbleBar. By striving to have quality relationships with the people who grow their ingredients, BumbleBar has been able to give back to the communities in more meaningful ways.

BumbleBar makes their bars gluten free by using sesame seeds as the key ingredient in every bar. The particular co-op they get their sesame seeds from is Selet Hulling—a farm in the remote area of the Tigray Region of Ethiopia with 1,500 farming families. For every pound of sesame seeds BumbleBar buys they donate 5 cents to building schools in the co-op’s community. In 2010, Selet Hulling agreed to jointly construct and finance schooling facilities for the out-grower’s children grade 9 and 10. The first of three buildings for the school was completed in May 2012.

Ever since 1995 quality has been paramount to BumbleBar. As a certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, energy bar company, BumbleBar is committed to helping people eat quality food regardless of dietary restrictions.

By using the food system as an ethical platform to expand our global community, BumbleBar is just one example of using food as a tool for good in this world. By eating a BumbleBar you’re directly helping build a school in Ethiopia. Eat good, Do good.

Gary B. Hirsch—Consultant and Creator of Learning Environments This past year has been a busy one for me with the continuation of several projects and addition of one new one. I’ve continued working with Jack Homer and Bobby Milstein on the ReThink Health Dynamics project we presented at last year’s conference on further development of the model and interface and application at additional sites. (There will be a hands-on session allowing people to use the model at this year’s conference.) The work has been getting greater recognition. We just had a paper published in the Journal of County Administration and have several others in the pipeline including one on potential “failure modes” for health reform efforts. As part of ReThink Health, I’ve been helping David Andersen and Rod MacDonald, Rockefeller College, UAlbany, SUNY, use the model to provide a “capstone experience” for their MPA students.

I’m in the process of wrapping up a two-year effort on a model of organ transplantation, working with Khalid Saeed and Kris Wile. The project is being done for the United Network for Organ Sharing under a contract from the US Health Resources and Services Administration. This work is yielding some valuable insights on how quality measurement systems unintentionally and unnecessarily limit the availability of organs for transplantation. My work in Early Childhood Caries with the Children’s Dental Health Project has also continued. We’re taking a model we originally developed in Colorado and adapting it for use by the New York State Health Department to examine alternative preventive strategies for reducing the health burden and costs of cavities for poor children under 6 covered by the state’s Medicaid program. We published a paper last year on the Colorado work in Preventing Chronic Disease, a journal of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The new project is one I worked on with Jack Homer for the Office of the Actuary in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The focus has been the effects of mandated budget cuts on US hospitals. The effort is also seen as a pilot application of system dynamics by CMS and will hopefully lead to additional work on important policy issues for that agency that provides more than $800 billion in coverage for over 100 million Americans.

I look forward to seeing all of your at the conference in Cambridge this summer.

Homer Consulting - 2013 Jack consults primarily on health issues in the public sector and does associated writing and speaking. He recently published a book of his past publications: “Models That Matter: Selected Writings on System Dynamics 1985-2010” (Grapeseed Press, Barrytown, New York). This book is available through

He continues his work with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as lead modeler on the PRISM model of cardiovascular and related chronic disease. The PRISM work was honored by the System Dynamics Society with the Applications Award for 2011.

He also continues as lead modeler on the ReThink Health model of local health system reform, joined on this project by Bobby Milstein, Gary Hirsch, John Sterman, Rebecca Niles, and others. This work is supported by the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation of Morristown, New Jersey. See

In 2012, Jack and Gary were recipients of a one-year grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to study the impacts of Medicare payment rate cuts on hospitals, patients, and health care costs through 2050. Preliminary results of this work were presented at the System Dynamics Winter Camp in Austin, Texas, this past January.

Jack and Bobby traveled to Singapore this past April to give a system dynamics workshop and speak at a symposium on health system modeling, sponsored by the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Jack is continuing to work with teams from the Singapore Ministry of Health and other health agencies to develop system dynamics models that will impact agency decision making.

Jack also continues his efforts for the annual International System Dynamics Conference as co-chair of the Modeling Assistance Workshop and of the Thursday Workshops, as chair of the Forrester Award committee, and as a member of the Applications Award and the Lupina Award committees.

isee systems, inc. develops system dynamics-based products and training that enable people to think, learn, communicate and act more systemically. Our modeling and simulation software, STELLA and iThink, has been used for more than 25 years by individuals in business, government and education to gain insight into dynamic systems.

This past year we introduced a major new release of STELLA and iThink, Version 10. Version 10 supports XMILE, the new common interchange language for system dynamics models that uses XML as the file format. We are now working in partnership with IBM to bring forth this open format as an approved OASIS standard, creating awareness and opportunities for expansion of the field. We invite the system dynamics community to join us in this effort.

We also continue to develop and upgrade our isee NetSim family of products for web-based simulation sharing. The recent release of isee NetSim 2.0 now uses the same STEAM simulation engine that powers STELLA and iThink and provides full support for all model entities, built-in functions and multi-dimensional arrays.

To learn more, visit us on the web at, or give us a call at (603) 448-4990.

Jantz Morgan LLC celebrates its 11th anniversary using system dynamics to deliver exceptional portfolio performance in 2013.

An emerging investment management company, Jantz Morgan LLC offers responsible portfolios designed for individuals and institutions that not only believe a system dynamics based approach has the potential for long-term out-performance, but also would like their investments to reflect higher levels of environmental, social, and corporate values.

For more information, please contact Sean Morgan ( or Christine Jantz ( And feel free to visit our company web site (

The Manufacturing Game® is a perfect example of how system dynamics can be used on a regular basis in the business world. We use The Manufacturing Game Workshops in manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, and refining.

Ledet Enterprises, Inc. (The Manufacturing Game®) has developed several other simulations at the requests of our clients. Occasionally people who have experienced one of our games develop an action plan to design their own simulations, and we have provided feedback and suggested improvements based on our experience. We have also worked with clients to develop materials and to help them consistently deliver their simulation, including training new facilitators within their organization. If you have a need for such services or know of anyone who does you may contact us at or at (281) 812-4148. For more information on The Manufacturing Game® visit

Nature’s Bakery Fuels Brains & Brawn Nature’s Bakery is an all natural snack foods company that supports health-conscious living and active lifestyles.

We cater to many different people, ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles by keeping it simple: all natural ingredients, great taste, balanced nutrition, and plenty of energy for life’s journeys.

Our family of fig bars has seven flavors including fig, vanilla fig, raspberry, raspberry vanilla, blueberry, apple cinnamon, and peach apricot. Currently in the bakery, we are perfecting our recipe for all natural brownies, which we’re excited to share with the world soon.

We are proud to sponsor the 31st International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts this July, and look forward to providing food for thought for the presentations, workshops, panels, exhibits, demonstrations, and meetings. Be sure to visit the exhibitors’ area and grab a sample of our on-the-go deliciousness that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

We’d love to hear from you during or after the conference, so visit us at or Share your experience at the conference and your thoughts on our all natural fig bars. Thanks for your support.

PA Consulting Group celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of Pugh-Roberts Associates in 1963! PA acquired Pugh-Roberts in 1990 and has continued to lead in strategic analysis using system dynamics and systems thinking. Our strategy and modeling experts work with major organizations to help solve some of their most important challenges. We combine world-class analysis expertise with in-depth industry knowledge to develop practical and enduring solutions, with a particular focus on government, energy, and healthcare problems. We help clients with a range of issues such as:

PA Consulting Group is a leading management, IT and technology consulting firm, using a wide range of services to help clients around the globe from our headquarters in London and our offices in Europe, the US, the Gulf, and Asia/Pacific.

Our System Dynamics Work is Growing
We are interested in sharp, well-rounded, analytical people committed to making a difference by solving complex problems in close cooperation with clients and colleagues. While we are hiring a range of capability across PA, we have a special interest in candidates with strong system dynamics expertise for our Boston and New York offices in the US, and our London office in the UK. To learn more about our team please contact Sharon Els at or 1 (617) 225-2700. We look forward to seeing our many alumni and the rest of the system dynamics community in July if not before!

PwC Advisory helps clients from strategy to execution. Leveraging PwC’s Analytics Services, the firm develops solutions to strategic and operational questions by harnessing business, technology and analytical expertise. The firm combines domain experience across industries with deep functional knowledge in a range of analytical techniques such as natural language processing, simulation, statistical/predictive modelling, big data, and benchmarking. With the power of a global analytics network, PwC can help clients realize the value of their data to tackle complex issues such as increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, and prioritizing investment opportunities.

Simulations that allow management to rapidly iterate through potential scenarios to understand their synergistic or cannibalistic effects on business decisions are becoming an increasingly important aspect of PwC’s analytical offerings. PwC continues to leverage agent-based modelling (ABM) and system dynamics (SD) in conjunction with other techniques to address big-bet business questions across industries such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.

PwC’s Analytics Services has developed the Experience Navigator (EN), an ABM that assists in management decision making by combining semi-structured and unstructured behavioral and attitudinal data to simulate acquisition and retention behavior. The model virtually reconstructs key competitors, individual consumers, and environmental features of the client’s market to simulate how customers will respond to new product and marketing strategies. The EN was recently used at a global insurance company to design the most profitable combination of customer experience and retention initiatives.

SD and ABM were applied to develop PwC’s Growth Navigator (GN), a framework and set of models for understanding and forecasting the growth of products and services in developed and developing countries. The GN combines historical and qualitative data across countries to forecast product adoption and sales. The GN can account for past changes in government policies and estimate the effect of future policy interventions to help companies address investment decisions in emerging markets. These decisions are challenging because of nonlinear jumps in market demand and propagation delays associated with market size and economic growth. The application of SD and ABM captures interdependencies and feedback between economic, social, technological, behavioral, and regulatory factors influencing the system. PwC’s Analytics Services recently applied the GN to help a global insurer estimate country ROE to prioritize investments in emerging markets.

PwC’s Analytics Services continues to deepen its knowledge of emerging analytical techniques to develop actionable insights for companies. Please contact Paul Blase at or Anand Rao at for more information.

Semantum offers its clients software solutions for modelling and simulation. Software development at Semantum is based on Simantics platform ( ) developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Simantics System Dynamics is an open source modelling and simulation software. It is based on the Simantics platform and developed by VTT and Semantum. We have just released a new version of Simantics System Dynamics. It is free to use and has a rich set of features including:

Download latest version from

Semantum is developing Simupedia, an addition to the Simantics platform that enables the creation of web-interfaces for simulation models. Hosted simulations can range from small single-user models to large on-going multiplayer games. The interfaces are configured in the modelling software and hosted online at Simupedia servers. Generated pages are pure html + javascript, no plugins are required from the users! Simupedia supports all Simantics-based products.

Public Simupedia service using Simantics System Dynamics will be launched at the 31st International Conference of the System Dynamics Society!

For more information, contact us at

Business is one of the largest and most valuable domains where system dynamics can make a big impact. System Dynamics can help understanding of

"Strategy Dynamics" is simply a translation of system dynamics into business, in terms business people can understand.

Our online Strategy Dynamics course has been re-recorded and is available to all and can be started at any time – see The course is available as an “Introduction” or can be bought in sections or in its entirety – with or without additional guidance from Kim Warren on applying the approach to your own situation. If university credit is required, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) offers this course each Fall as part of the System Dynamics Graduate Program.

The course makes extensive use of Sysdea, online system dynamics software, also developed by Strategy Dynamics Ltd. Sysdea is especially suitable for education or working with teams new to dynamic modelling.

Sysdea offers key benefits: In addition, though, Sysdea is by default in an ‘always-run’ state, so all time-paths and values of all items are on display at all times. Working models can be built so fast that it really can be done in real time with teams.

As an online application, it works in any browser (latest versions), with nothing to install. Models can be shared simply with a link, making the application just perfect for teachers, who can share instructional models and get back student work in an instant. You can also share ‘game’ versions of models with anyone, with no need for them to register, or indeed do anything except play what you send them. See for example:

Sysdea is available free for limited accounts (single model) and on subscription at $15/month for a Standard account. Standard accounts are free to teachers and we offer a discounted deal for their students — $25 for 5 months.

More information and registration at

The Systems Thinking Collaborative has been working with clients to move from modeling to action. Examples of this recent work includes collaborative model building and spreading the use of existing system dynamics simulation tools. Several recent projects are described below.

Our work to support the development and application of award-winning PRISM (Prevention Impacts Simulation Model) continues, enabling evidence-based chronic disease public health planning in communities across the nation.

In collaboration with ReThink Health, we have been developing materials and techniques to broaden engagement with their healthy policy decision support tool, an award-winning system dynamics model. The effort involves development of a Strategy Lab to engage regional change agents in application of the evidence-based tool to define strategy and create a shared vision for high-leverage health reform.

Recent strategy labs were delivered at Vanderbilt University and University at Albany and many communities are lined up to use the decision tool. More information on the project is available at

In support of a scientific research client, we have been engaged in a collaborative model building effort to address an issue of eroding product quality. The effort began with a 2-day engagement of 25 managers to impart the theory of systems thinking and develop a shared understanding of the causal factors contributing to product quality erosion. A system dynamics model is currently under development to provide analytical rigor to strategic growth decisions (hiring, space, training, etc.) in the face of market uncertainties.

Several other exciting projects are ongoing and percolating, as we lean into the challenge by using powerful methods to bring the insights gleaned from system dynamics and systems thinking into the realm of action.

transentis is a management consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. We help our clients transform their business and accelerate their success.

To help our clients deal with the complexity of such transformation projects, we use models and simulations. These ensure that all stakeholders see important connections and interedependencies more clearly and can test new designs and policies before realising them in practice.

For the past 18 months we have been building a website dedicated to our approach, which we call business prototyping – in particular we have written a series of blog posts discussing how to use system dynamics to prototype business models. Please do visit the website at, we are eager to hear your feedback.

Ventana Systems and Greenwood Strategic Advisors are working together on large project management, municipal governance, retail siting, and other model-based strategic control initiatives.

Ventana Systems created a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) workforce decision support platform for a US government agency to assist in assessing the value of their investments in helping students – K-12 thru University – select and stay in a STEM career path. The project resulted in a top down model of the US education system intended to answer for the agency whether or not the education system as assisted by their investments is producing enough qualified STEM graduates to ensure the accomplishment of its mission. This work is being extended through a new collaborative agreement with a research institution and a US aerospace corporation interested in assessing the drivers of STEM career attractiveness. Dr. Tom Fiddaman is the primary STEM project leader for Ventana.

Vensim 6.1 is coming soon. New shared libraries now permit Mac and mobile (iOS) model deployment, and native 64 bit Vensim will be available soon. The Vensim team is developing a major revision/upgrade with new capabilities and ease of use. Please come to our user group session or find time during the conference to share our visions for the future.

Andy Hill

Tony Kennedy

Lee Jones
At Ventana Systems UK we have been developing system dynamics solutions for a range of industries since 2000. Prior to that, the team had spent 10 years together developing dynamic models for the UK military.

A European distributor for Vensim® software, we are now an integral part of the development team of the Vensim software and provide world-wide support. We deliver system dynamics training and mentoring services and are the developers of the Sable interface software for Vensim models.

Recent major consulting work includes: Ventana provided training/mentoring services the UK Tax Authority (HMRC), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Medical Research Council (MRC), and the International Energy Authority (IEA).

ViaSim Solutions is the only provider of system-dynamics-based commercial business tools that are ready to use off-the-shelf with no customization and no additional consulting.

pmBLOX is a project management and planning tool that looks and feels like Microsoft Project. In fact, you can import Microsoft Project files directly into pmBLOX and get started immediately. In pmBLOX, a system dynamics model represents each individual task and the various management policies that can be applied (e.g., adding resources, adding overtime). But, watch out! Just like the real world, productivity losses can occur due to over-crowding with too many resources or fatigue due to longer-than-normal work hours. pmBLOX presents results in a Gantt chart format with task dependencies and resource assignments that can easily be shared with others.

scmBLOX is a supply chain management and planning tool. Imagine the Beer Game to the extreme. With scmBLOX, the user can build any type of supply chain or have multiple supply chains interconnected in a massive supply web. The products built and delivered by the supply chains can be simple (like a bottle of beer) or can have very complex bills of material (like a car or computer). Each entity in the supply chain can have different inventory management and ordering policies that impact its performance, as well as the performance of the entire supply chain. Capture and quantify bullwhip effects, inventory reductions, just-in-time, and LEAN operations in a matter of minutes.

ViaSim Solutions specializes in the development of modeling tools for supply chain managers, project managers, and other decision makers that need access to powerful modeling tools in a user-friendly format. In addition to commercial-off-the-shelf tools like pmBLOX and scmBLOX, ViaSim also provides custom tool development, consulting, and training in the areas of strategic planning, project management, supply chain management, asset/fleet management, and workforce planning and development. ViaSim utilizes a framework that allows us to quickly develop and deploy modeling tools that employ drag-and-drop functionality in an environment that is similar to many of the office tools that today’s organizations use. These solutions provide the power of the most advanced modeling tools to subject matter experts and other staff that have previously relied on specially trained staff in order to get the modeling and simulation data they need. Our client list includes large defense contractors, US Department of Defence (DoD), other federal agencies, city governments, and universities.

J. Chris White, President, 214-335-9949,,


As the largest publisher for professional and scholarly societies, Wiley provides professionals, researchers, teachers, and students with publications written by the field’s foremost thinkers. In fact, we’ve published the works of more than 450 Nobel Laureates, in every category in which the prize is awarded.

In systems dynamics, business, and management, Wiley partners with leading societies in the field, including the System Dynamics Society, to deliver high quality content to the subject community. That’s why, in the current Journal Citation Reports®, we have:


In 2012, Wiley created the Business Spotlight app: an indispensable tool for your research, teaching, and practice. The app brings you cutting edge research from leading journals in the field, video abstracts for key articles, expert publishing workshops, updates on relevant conferences, and much more!

Download the app at and have all these features at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI offers the only online program in System Dynamics. You can broaden your knowledge and experience by taking individual courses, a certificate, or a Master of Science degree. Courses begin in September, January, and May.

Join us on LinkedIn. WPI System Dynamics is an active LinkedIn group with almost 200 members, and some very effective sharing, interesting questions, and thoughtful contributions. Thanks to all those who actively participate in the group with a special highlight to active contributors Bruce Skarin, Kim Warren, and Sarah Megan Boyar. This is an open group and anyone interested in system dynamics is invited. Perhaps your business associates would like to join!

Course revisions and additions to the WPI offerings. The faculty regularly evaluate their existing courses to assure that content is up-to-date, informative, and worthwhile.

See you in Cambridge! WPI will be exhibiting at the System Dynamics Society’s conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Many of our faculty will be attending the conference, and they invite conversations with future, current, and past students. WPI will also be hosting an exhibit table – stop by and say hi.

A hearty thank you to all our 2013 sponsors! For a full list of all sponsors, see sponsors page of this newsletter.

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