2013 Summer Policy Council Meeting

As usual, the Policy Council will hold a meeting on Sunday, before the conference official opening. Non-members of the Council are welcome to attend. This year we moved much of the administrative business forward to the Winter meeting in February, to make room to discuss more strategic issues at this Summer meeting. The Policy Council Meeting will start at 11:00 AM on Sunday, July 21 in the Paul Revere Room.

Call for Bibliographic Updates

The System Dynamics Bibliography is a work in progress. We are always seeking new entries to keep the Bibliography as up-to-date and complete as possible. If you have published a paper or book relating to system dynamics or have cited a reference that is not in our Bibliography, please send it to us. We also have a Bibliographic Updates page listing recently submitted articles that appear in peer-reviewed journals. These articles can be of any age and will appear in the order that they are received on the Updates page until the next upload of the Bibliography when they will be included in the new version. Please take a look at the Bibliography, check your publications and send us any we have missed. We would love to hear from you. LouAnne Lundgren (SDS Bibliographer)

New PhDs

Karim Chichakly successfully defended his PhD dissertation "Multiobjective Design and Innovization of Robust Stormwater Management Plans" in March 2013 at the University of Vermont. His System Dynamics research interests are in methodology, public policy, business strategy, and K-12 adoption. Congratulations, Karim!

Submitted by: Andrew Ford, School of the Environment, Washington State University

Robert Jeffers successfully defended his PhD dissertation in the School of the Environment at Washington State University in April 2013. His thesis (Dynamic Simulation for Integrated Water and Energy Resource Planning) provides a simulation approach for improved integration of water and energy planning processes. The approach was demonstrated in an application to the Snake River Basin, a high desert plain with intensively irrigated agriculture and large hydro-electric generation. The thesis delivers a unique combination of extensive historical testing combined with simulations of widely different climate change scenarios for the future. Policies were evaluated with multiple measures of performance, and the policy conclusions are now under active discussion at the Idaho Department of Water Resources. Dr. Jeffers will present a summary of his findings at the July 2013 Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Cambridge, MA.

Submitted by: Andrew Ford and Allyson Beall, School of the Environment, Washington State University

Request for News

Our plan to publish four issues of the System Dynamics Newsletter every year continues with this, the second issue of this year. Please send us your news, photographs, and ideas to be included in one of the newsletters! Additionally, if you would like to contribute an article of interest to our community, please send your suggestion to the Society office.

All past newsletters, back to 1988, are available on the Society website under Publications.

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