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Volume 21 – Number 4        October 2008


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Athens Conference Report

Links to many photos from the Athens Conference are posted on the Society's conference webpage; please take a look. Each year we have volunteer photographers wandering around the conference taking photos. If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them and we will add them to the website collection. (If there is a photograph of you on the web that you would prefer us to remove, please let us know at

Links to many full papers, including abstracts and supporting materials can also be accessed through the Society website. If you would like a copy of the printed proceedings, extra copies are for sale.

From the 2008 Conference Organizing Team, thanks!


This list represents a cross-section of conference sessions, as reported by attendees who volunteered to share their impressions with you. If you were not able to be there in person, here you can gain some of the flavor and a sense of the varied activity that made up the Athens conference. If you were there, perhaps you will recognize yourself in a photo or a description. More importantly, you will gain to some extent what is impossible to achieve while in actual attendance at the conference: the ability to go to more than one session at once. Some reports have longer detailed accounts of the sessions; click on the link at the end of the short report.

Session Reports in Chronological Order

SUN 9:00 AM Meeting PhD Colloquium
MON 11:30 AM Parallel System Dynamics and Mainstream Strategy Concepts and Measures
MON 12:30 PM Poster Organizational Dynamics
MON 12:30 PM Poster Working With Models
MON 2:30 PM Parallel Developmental Papers: The Future of SD / Organizational Behavior
MON 2:30 PM Parallel Market Dynamics
MON 2:30 PM Parallel Modeling Adaptive Networks and Diffusion Dynamics
MON 2:30 PM Parallel The Modeling Process
MON 2:30 PM Parallel Environmental Decisions
TUE 11:30 AM Parallel Microeconomics
TUE 11:30 AM Parallel Pedagogy Research, Interactive Learning Environments
TUE 11:30 AM Parallel Public Policy Process
TUE 11:30 AM Parallel Methods and Modeling
TUE 11:30 AM Parallel Miscellaneous Applications of System Dynamics
TUE 1:30 PM Meeting Military Roundtable
TUE 2:30 PM Parallel Mental Health Care Systems
TUE 2:30 PM Parallel Mental Health Care Systems (2)
TUE 2:30 PM Parallel Developmental Papers: Operations & Strategic Management
TUE 4:00 PM Plenary Accumulation and Control in Systems
WED 11:30 AM Parallel Transition from CO2 to Renewables
WED 11:30 AM Parallel Methodology Issues
WED 11:30 AM Parallel Social Welfare
WED 11:30 AM Parallel Military Applications
WED 11:30 AM Parallel Disease Epidemiology and Strategy
WED 2:30 PM Parallel National Policy Issues
WED 2:30 PM Parallel Diffusion Dynamics
WED 2:30 PM Parallel Model Analysis and Experimentation

Comments from Conference Participants

It was a very nice conference and thanks for the great organization! ~ Souleymane Bah

Thank you for the conference. Looking forward to meet you next year in the US. ~ Andrei Borshchev

Thanks for an amazing conference!. [...] Congratulations for an excellent, lively conference in Athens. Hope you continue the tradition. ~ George Michael Klimis


Jay Forrester's 90th Birthday Celebration on YouTube

As you will see if you view the video linked below, we missed Jay at the Athens conference, but celebrated his 90th birthday in truly international style.

Thanks to John Sterman for leading us in this fine choral rendition, and to Kim Warren for this video tape. The lighting conditions didn't help the video quality, but you can still see the enthusiasm [if not the talent!] of the singing.

Peer Review Dialog

The evaluation of the current quality of the [conference paper] reviews and the review system is based on personal experiences of the participants. On Tuesday, July 22nd, the fourth "peer review dialog" session welcomed 10 participants amongst which were the President, the President Elect, Members of the Policy Council, Thread Chairs and Reviewers. Read the Full Report.

Stefan Groesser

Policy Council Holds Summer Meetings in Athens

Minutes of the Meeting of the Policy Council and the General Business Meeting can be found in their entirety by clicking the "Governance" button on the System Dynamics Society website. Please visit the website to learn about the business discussed and to view the complete reports and information presented for the summer PC Meeting.

Motions approved at the 2008 Summer Policy Council Meeting:

  • Accept the proposed budget
  • Increase line item for journal support
  • Establish two new committees:
    • Community Service Award Committee
    • Conference Budgeting Committee
  • 2010 openings for Nominating Committee
  • Members of the Administrative Committee
  • Support for PhD Colloquium
  • Acknowledge contributions and well wishes to Jennifer Rowe, Assistant Executive Director from 1998 - 2008
  • Special consideration for visa-denied conference author-registrants

Motions approved electronically between Summer 2007 and 2008 Policy Council Meetings:

  • Disband Non-operational Ad Hoc Committees
  • Revise Policy 9 Society Policies Re: Duties of Award Committee
  • Accept Korea Proposal for 2010 Conference
  • Accept Slate of Candidates (to take office in 2009)
  • Appointments to Awards Committee
  • Accept the International and Intra-national Conflict SIG

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