Boston Conference Report

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This account represents a cross-section of conference sessions, as reported by attendees who volunteered to share their impressions with you. If you were not able to be there in person, here you can gain some of the flavor and a sense of the varied activity that made up the Boston conference. If you were there, perhaps you will recognize yourself in a photo or a description. More importantly, you will gain to some extent what is impossible to achieve while in actual attendance at the conference: the ability to go to more than one session at once. Some reports have longer detailed accounts of the sessions; click on the link at the end of the short report.

Session Reports in Chronological Order

Sun 9 AM: Meeting: PhD Colloquium
Various Sessions on Participatory Methods and Call for Interest in the Formation of a New Special Interest Group or Chapter
Mon 9 AM: Plenary: Monday Morning: Strategic and Project Dynamics
Mon 11 AM: Parallel: Formulation and Parameterization
Mon 11 AM: Parallel: Project Management Dynamics
Mon 11 AM: Parallel: Mental Models and Managerial Performance
Mon 2 PM: Parallel: Information Security
Mon 2 PM: Parallel: Innovation and Growth
Mon 2 PM: Parallel: Process Improvement
Mon 2 PM: Parallel: Equality & Public Policy
Mon 7 PM: Poster: System Dynamics - the State of the Field
Mon 7 PM: Poster: Methodology: Alternative Approaches - Steps of Modeling
Tues 11 AM: Parallel: System Dynamics and the Broader Strategy Field
Tues 11 AM: Parallel: Policy Design for Sustainability
Tues 11 AM: Parallel: Education: University
Tues 11 AM: Parallel: Industry Dynamics
Tues 11 AM: Parallel: Crime & Public Policy
Tues 2 PM: Parallel: Systems Thinking, Mental Models, and Organizational Learning
Tues 2 PM: Parallel: Electricity Markets
Tues 2 PM: Parallel: Development Economics
Tues 2 PM: Parallel: Behavioral Analysis
Tues 4 PM: Plenary: System Dynamics Pioneers Panel Discussion
Wed 11 AM: Parallel: Special Convened Session: Celebration of System Dynamics in K-12 Education; Honoring Jay Forrester
Wed 11 AM: Parallel: Strategy Research and Decision Making
Wed 11 AM: Parallel: Business Dynamics
Wed 11 AM: Parallel: Supply Chain Dynamics
Wed 11 AM: Parallel: Public Policy - Understanding Systems to Improve Public Policies for Management and Prevention
Wed Noon: Special Session: How the System Dynamics Society Came to Be: A Collective Memoir
Wed 2 PM: Parallel: Business Applications in Information & Communication Technologies
Wed 2 PM: Parallel: Methodology: Alternate Approaches-Hybrid Modeling
Wed 2 PM: Parallel: Diffusion of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Wed 2 PM: Parallel: Market Dynamics
Wed 2 PM: Parallel: Product Development Dynamics
Wed 4 PM: Plenary: System Dynamics—the Next Fifty Years
Thurs 8:30 AM: Workshop: Teaching Your Children Systems Dynamics Thinking
Thurs 10:30 AM: Workshop: Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course
Thurs 8:30 AM: Workshop: Strategy Dynamics; Introduction and New Developments

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