RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

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Edmilson Moraes
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Re: RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

Post by Edmilson Moraes » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:55 pm


Apoio o texto da constituição do Capítulo Brasileiro da System Dynamics Society de forma integral.


Edmilson Alves de Moraes

Luis Tedeschi
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Re: RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

Post by Luis Tedeschi » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:08 pm

Dear Aldo and SDS-Brasil members; I think this renovation of the SDS-Brasil chapter is adequate and welcome. I support its modifications.

Luis Tedeschi

Isaías Custodio
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Re: RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

Post by Isaías Custodio » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:15 am

Concordo com os termos em português e em inglês da nova constituição do capitulo brasileiro da SDS.

Abraços a todos
Isaias Custodio

Dear friends,

I agree with the new constitution of the brazilian chapter in its english and portuguese versions.

Isaias Custodio

Aldo Zagonel
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Re: RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

Post by Aldo Zagonel » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:40 am

Prezados Colegas,

A nossa peticao para aprovacao da nova Constituicao e reconhecimento do Conselhor Diretor interino do Capitulo Brasileiro (em anexo) foi enviada hoje aa SDS. Acredito que o VP Chapter Activities submetera' uma mocao eletronica ao Policy Council da SDS dentro de alguns dias. Havera' um prazo de cerca de 10 dias para discussao e votacao assincrona. Imagino que a aprovacao devera' ocorrer ate' o final do mes.

Um Feliz Natal e um Prospero 2011 para vcs!


Aldo Zagonel

Brazilian Chapter Membership Petition to Enact a New Chapter Constitution and to Appoint an Interim Chapter Policy Council

The members of the System Dynamics Society (SDS) affiliated to the Brazilian Chapter, listed below, would like to petition the SDS Policy Council to enact the new Chapter Constitution, attached, and to recognize the appointment of an interim Chapter Policy Council composed of: Niraldo José do Nascimento, as Chapter President; Ricardo Matos Chaim, as Chapter Liaison to the Society; and Isaías Custódio, as Chapter Secretary.


The Brazilian Chapter was founded in February of 2003. It enjoyed a period of thriving activity, culminating with a successful regional conference in Brasilia, in October of 2006. However, in 2007, the elected Chapter Liaison to the Society allowed his SDS membership to lapse. Since then, there has been no official Chapter representation and there have been no annual reports. The original Chapter Constitution did not foresee a mechanism for addressing a discontinuity in representation.

The membership of the SDS affiliated to the Brazilian Chapter gathered at the Annual Conferences and discussed the situation to decide on a path forward. In a recent inclusive debate, electronically and asynchronously, with drafts and endorsements posted in the SDS Forum, the membership revised its Constitution to promote leadership renewal while maintaining institutional continuity, and to create mechanisms for dealing with a hiatus in activity or representation.

The Chapter membership is united behind the new Chapter Constitution, attached, and appointed, by unanimous consent, an interim Chapter Policy Council to resume activities and to conduct formal elections during the Annual Meeting at the International Conference in Washington, DC, in July 2011. Therefore, at this time, the Chapter membership would like to submit its new Chapter Constitution for approval and recognition by the SDS Policy Council, to be able to enjoy legitimacy in resuming its activities.

Full Members in support:

1. Ramez Andraus Jr. (*)
2. Carlos Alberto Brandão (*)
3. Ricardo Matos Chaim (*)
4. Isaías Custódio (*)
5. Orlando Roque da Silva
6. Aline Regina Fernandes (*)
7. Júlio César de Bastos Figueiredo
8. Mário Cézar Freitas
9. Paulo Gonçalves
10. Antonio C.G. Lellis Vieira
11. Hazencleve Freire Medeiros (*)
12. Edmilson Alves de Moraes (*)
13. Marciano Morozowski Filho
14. Niraldo José do Nascimento
15. Roberto Max Protil
16. Rudolf Rosas Flunger
17. Lars Meyer Sanches
18. Joaquim Rocha dos Santos (*)
19. Erico Resende Santos
20. Luis Orlindo Tedeschi (*)
21. Mauricio Uriona Maldonado (*)
22. Aldo Zagonel (*)

(*) Independently verifiable endorsements (see viewtopic.php?f=14&t=196)

Two of the interim members of the Chapter Policy Council are members of the faculty at the University of Brasilia (Niraldo José do Nascimento and Ricardo Matos Chaim); the third is member of the faculty at the University of São Paulo (Isaías Custódio).

The official members of the Chapter Policy Council chose the following ex-officio members to take on specific responsibilities: Carlos Alberto Brandão, as Vice President of Electronic Presence; Aline Regina Fernandes, as Vice President of Substantive Meetings; and Luis Orlindo Tedeschi, as Vice President of Publications.

Since August 28, 2010, in email exchanges including all 33 Full Members of the Brazilian Chapter, and in the SDS Forum (under the rubric of Brazil Chapter Forum - Chapter Reconstitution), there have been no objections recorded by anyone regarding this initiative and we have only heard in support of the new Constitution and of the official and ex-officio Chapter-PC members specified above.

December 10, 2010.

Aldo Zagonel
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Re: RE-constituicao do Capitulo Brasileiro

Post by Aldo Zagonel » Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:24 pm

It is my pleasure to announce that the SDS Policy Council has approved the motion to recognize the new Constitution of the Brazilian Chapter, as well as to legitimize the Chapter's interim policy council members until formal elections are held at the Annual Meeting in Washington, DC (July 24-28, 2011): ... fp/cfp.htm

Motion #100:
SUBJECT: New constitution of the Brazilian Chapter
Proposed by: Martin Schaffernicht
Seconded by: Aldo Zagonel
Voting open date: 2011.01.03
Voting close date: 2011.01.10
RESULTS: Motion #100 Passed
Yes: 18
No: 0
Abstain: 0
Did Not Vote: 5

At this time, I bring closure to this discussion item with a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this process and wishing success to us, as a group, as we work to promote System Dynamics practice, education, and research in Brazil.

Looking forward to our meetings in Washington and Brasilia in 2011!

Aldo Zagonel

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