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Instructions for using the System Dynamics Discussion Forum with threads to ask questions on how to do things.

Forum Instructions

Postby Robert Eberlein » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:52 am

Instructions are located at - the content is repeated below.

System Dynamics Discussion Forums These forums are intended to facilitate announcements and discussion relevant to members of the System Dynamics community. It is open to everyone, and does not require membership in the System Dynamics Society, though you are encouraged to consider joining if you are not a member.

To read items in any of the forums simply click on them and follow the links. To post to a forum other than the Instructions and Questions forum you will need to log in. Your log in id is your email, and your password is the same as that in the web submission system. If you have not registered to use the web submission system, or you have registered but have forgotten your password, go to Please note that after registering you will need to wait one to two business days until your registration has been processed by the Society office to log into the forums.

NOTE Do not use the link for forgotten passwords on the forum, it will not work. Also, do not update your personal information on the forum, it will not be saved.

There are a number of forums open for posting and discussion. All discussion should be in English, except as noted for the Chapter forums.

Instructions and Questions is simply background information on how to use the forums. If you are having trouble accomplishing something you can post a question here. You do not need to be logged in to post a question to this forum, but all questions must be posted in one of the existing threads (no threads can be added). Extraneous material posted here will be deleted.

Announcements is intended for news of interest to people in the system dynamics community. You can post news to one of the existing threads: Conferences for anything relating to conferences including paper calls; Publications for news about new publications or calls for contributions to publications; Workshops and Courses for information about training and education events; Job Openings for academic and industry positions of interest to the community (see also the Career Link for job postings); Software for announcements on software products including version releases and availability news; In the News for press related coverage of System Dynamics and Other for announcements not fitting in the categories listed. There is no discussion in the announcements forum, but you may discuss an announcement by starting a thread in the Open Discussion forum.

Open Discussion is for discussion of topics related to System Dynamics. You must be logged in to post, and all posts will appear immediately. Posts unrelated to system dynamics, violating copyrights, or in bad taste will be removed.

Note that discussion specific to software, how to do something, bugs, feature requests and so on should be directed to the software developers or a support forum they maintain.

SIG Forums are forums that support discussion of the Special Interest Groups of the Society. Currently the Health Policy, Energy and Environment and Model Analysis (SIG-MA) Special Interest Groups have forums. SIG forums are moderated by members of the SIG who determine the rules for posting ,though all these forums currently follow the same rules as the Open Discussion forum.

Chapter Forums are forums that support the discussions of Society Chapters. Discussion in these should be in the language most appropriate to the Chapter (most Chapters are geographically based). Currently there is one Chapter Forum for the Brazilian Chapter. Chapter Forums are moderated by Chapter members who determine the rules for posting, though all these forums currently follow the same rules as the Open Discussion forum.

For more information about working with the forum software look at faq.php or you can go to for more detail.

Email Digest

You can configure the forum to send you a digest by email either daily or weekly of recent posts. To do this log in and click on "User Control Panel" in the upper left of the window. The rightmost tab is for Digest, select this to set up this options. You can subscribe to receive messages from the forums you are interested in. The digest will be sent to the email you log in with and will be from " Robot <forum at systemdynamics dot org>. You may need to adjust your email system not to filter out these messages. If you would like to receive these emails at an alternate address set this as your alternate email in contact info and log onto the forums using this email address (where the emails go will be determined by your last log on email used).

RSS Feeds

The forum has RSS feeds. For more information on these check out Wikipedia.

Questions and suggestions on the forums can be posted to the Open Discussion forum.

Instructions revised: August 4, 2009.
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