Russian Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

July 1, 2005 Report

The chapter was formally accepted into the Society on the 28th of June, 2005 after the electronic vote by the Policy Council.  Leeza Osipenko will perform the duties of the Chapter President, Vladimir Sidorenko and Alexey Gorbunov will serve as Vice-presidents and Dmitry Katalevsky will carry out the duties of the chapter’s secretary until the first elections.

The official website of the Russian Chapter was launched in May 2005: (Email address:

The current membership is 34 people (see Appendix), 12 of which are official members of SDS.

During the conference in Boston, the Russian Chapter will hold its first meeting as an official chapter of SDS.  A larger meeting is planned in Moscow in the Fall of 2005.  First elections will be held electronically before the SDS conference in 2006.

Activities of the Chapter up-to-date:

The Russian Chapter formation led to the introduction of 7 new members into the System Dynamics Society.  In December of 2004 we held our first informal meeting in Moscow (between the president of the Chapter and the two currently acting VPs) in order to produce the agenda for the chapter activities and identify the opportunities for the SD dissemination in Russia.

On the 22nd or April 2005, a group of Moscow specialists arranged a seminar for the IBS company (Information Business Systems: in Russia presenting 8 talks on system dynamics and discussed the projects which can be undertaken in the future.  The follow up work with the above mentioned company continues.

We have translated a few articles about system dynamics into Russian and our members are working on preparing more SD related materials to distribute to members and post on the website. 

The Russian Chapter is preparing its first newsletter.  Our members are contributing by describing their projects and proposing ideas for collaboration.

Plans for the Future:

In December 2005 we plan to organize a one-day meeting (symposium) of the Russian Chapter in Moscow where our members will be able to present their work, share ideas and set the course of action for the year 2005-2006. 

By this time we hope to turn our website into the information portal on system dynamics (in Russian) and continue collecting/translating more materials on the subject.  One of the features we would like to introduce on the website is a message board (forum) where people can ask questions, share ideas, and actively communicate with each other to create an online SD community in Russia.

Two universities are interested and already beginning to introduce into some of their courses the study of the SD concepts.  Our goal is to help them develop the curriculum and provide the necessary teaching aids/materials (books, e-books, software, etc).

We will also actively seek for financial support from different organizations to support our members’ work (conference travel, publications, organization of seminars, courses, development of course materials).

The Russian Chapter hopes to have more of its members at the 2006 SDS conference in Europe to increase the integration between the Chapter and the society and to promote awareness of the society’s members about the SD activities (projects) in Russia and hopefully generate some interest for collaborative work among Russian-speaking specialists and SD professionals and researchers from other countries.

And finally, we will continue to encourage our members to join SDS and recruit interested individuals to collaborate with and join the Russian Chapter.

prepared by:
Leeza Osipenko
Russian Chapter of SDS


Russian Chapter Members as of July 1, 2005

SDS and Russian Chapter Members

  1. Bazil, Leon                             
  2. Borschev, Andrey  
  3. Getmansky, Mila                           
  4. Katalevsky, Dmitry (Secretary)
  5. Kononets, Alexey                
  6. Kuzhel, Oleg                       
  7. Lychkina, Natalya   
  8. Osipenko, Leeza (President)
  9. Pavlov, Oleg                           
  10. Samyshkin, Yevgeniy                    
  11. Sidorenko, Vladimir (VP)

12.Timoshkin, Andrey   

Russian Chapter Members

1.     Bazilevich, Victor

2.     Blinov, Alexander

3.     Brodsky, Yuri

4.     Chernishev, Sergej

5.     Dyakovitch, M

6.     Gorbunov, Alexey (VP)

7.     Gornov, Alexander

8.     Gorokhov, Andrej

9.     Kiselev, Sergej

10.Koblov, Andrej

11.Kostina, Nina

12.Kovenia, V

13.Lunev, Y

14.Okorokov, V

15.Pavlovsky, Y

16.Rubtsov, S

17.Ryzhenkov, Alexander

18.Shebeko, Y

19.Shiriaev, Vladimir

20.Tomashevskiy, Valentin

21.Voronin, Anatoly

22.Zhelezniakov, Sergey