System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC)

Annual Report (2004-2005)

(Habib Sedehi)

There has been a lot of ferment in this passed  academic year (2004-2005) around System Dynamics in Italy.

Dividing Italy geographically  in three areas (North, Centre and South) the issues indicated by the SYDIC active members can be synthetically described as following:


Milan-Bicocca University – Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences - Computer Science Department – Thesis in System Dynamics applied in study of Flies Life Cycle[1]

Catholic University  of Piacenza – Master of Management in the Network Economy – Business Simulation course, use of System Dynamics methodology1


Bologna University - Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences – Internet Science Department – Dynamics of Complex Organisation course –  use of System Dynamics methodology2

Research activity in system Dynamics at the Department of Computer[2]

·  Different approaches in the building of learning environments
    - Interface structure and data gathering
    - Blending system dynamics and agent-based modelling

·  Modelling of strategic and organisational change

·  National Research Projects for the 2004-2007 involving System Dynamics:
    - Dynamics and Performance Determinants in Clusters of Firms: A Computational Approach         (PRIN 2004)
    - Dynamics in Clusters of Firms: New Structures and Technologies     
 (FIRB 2003)


Pisa University – Faculty of Computer Sciences – Department of Environmental Sciences – use of SD in Environmental modelling[3]

Rome “La Sapienza” University – Faculty of Communication Sciences – Department of Computer Sciences – use of System Dynamics methodology

Research on use of SD in e-Learning courses .Thesis in System Dynamics applied in web based simulation[4]

Rome “Tor Vergata” University – Faculty of Engineering – Department of Enterprise Engineering – use of SD methodology in enterprise production processes[5]

Thesis in SD applied in the following areas:

Research activities with use of SD in the following areas:

Rome “La Sapienza”  and  “Tor Vergata” Universities collaboration in the design and development  of SYDIC web site4&5

.Rome “La Sapienza” University – Faculty  of Statistics Sciences – Department of Data Intelligence and Strategic Decisions – System Dynamics course1


Palermo University – Faculty of Political Sciences – Master in Managing business growth through System Dynamics and accounting Models (A Strategic Control Prospective)[6]

Rome, July 2005

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