VP Chapters and Members
14 July 2005

Since the last meeting we have added the Russian Chapter, bringing the total number of chapters to fourteen:

        Australasian Rohita Singh

        Brazil Pierre J. Ehrlich

        China Qifan Wang

        Economic Dynamics Oleg Pavlov

        Egypt Walid Badr

        Hellenic Emmanuel D. Adamides

        Italy Habib Sedehi

        Japan Michiya Morita

        Korea Nam Sung Ahn

        Latin America Isaac Dyner

        Russia Leeza Osipenko

        Student Birgitte Snabe

        Swiss- Silvia Ulli-Beer and Birgit Kopainsky

        United Kingdom Brian C. Dangerfield


We have also had an online discussion to accept the Pakistan Chapter. Discussion was held for two weeks with very positive comments. Because the call to vote was so close to the summer Policy Council meeting it was decided to postpone the vote until the meeting on July 17. At that time I will:


MOVE to formally accept the Pakistan Chapter into the System Dynamics Society. Their constitution was reviewed and is in order. They have the requisite ten members of the society and discussion has been held.


Since the last annual meeting we have also added the Business Special Interest Group, bringing the current total to five:

        Business Jean Ellefson

        Education Carol Frances and Michael Kennedy

        Environmental Dynamics Anastassios Perdicoulis

        Health Policy Jack Homer and Geoff McDonnell

        Security Jose Gonzalez and Klaus Breur


All chapters were asked to submit written annual reports and membership lists. As of 14 July 2005 reports were not submitted from the following: Latin America, Egypt, South Korea, Australasia, China, Japan.


Membership lists were received from Russia and from the Swiss Chapter. There is some concern about confidentiality. I am also having some difficulty emailing some chapters which I plan to resolve at the Chapter Meeting on July 18, 2005.


There are two areas of concern I will bring to the business meeting:

1. Resolution of the role of VP Chapters and Members, and

2. Resolution of the issue of confidentiality for chapter members.


As a result of the winter Policy Council meeting I was asked to clarify a template for starting a SIG. Complete information is at: http://www.systemdynamics.org/SDS%20PC%20Web/SIGCommitteeReport020706.htm


I propose the following be posted on the website:


     The scope of the Special Interest Groups are defined by the members who identify themselves through a shared interest in a particular subject domain.

     The special interest groups do not form a separate legal identity but are simply a group of System Dynamic Society members with a shared interest.

     The Special Interest Groups are formed from the general membership of the  SDS and are not independent entities, as are the Chapters which have their own constitution, bylaws, and policies and procedures.

     The SIGs may request SDS recognition of and/or co-sponsorship of specially organized major programs.  The review of the request and response to the SIG will be the responsibility of the SDS Executive Director and Executive Committee, who may choose to bring the request before the SDS Policy Council.



     To apply for recognition by SDS as an organized Special Interest Group, the group must have at least six SDS members signing on, and at least two people willing to serve as leaders of the group responsible to SDS for reporting to the Policy Council on the activities of the group. 

     There is no requirement to have a constitution.

     The Special Interest Group will not charge any dues.  The work of the SIGs will be done by volunteers.  The SIGs may, however, occasionally engage in activities that require payment, and only those members choosing to pay will be eligible to participate in those activities.   

     Membership in Special Interest Groups is open to all dues-paying members of the System Dynamics Society.  People with shared interests but who are not members of the SDS are also welcome to participate in the activities of the Special Interest Group.  SDS members and other individuals wishing to join a Special Interest Group may do so by contacting either of the appointed representatives.  The contact information should be made available on the Society website.

     Each Special Interest Group will meet once during the annual meeting of the System Dynamics Society and select two leaders.  The Special Interest Group may choose any process to select its leaders but both must be confirmed by a simple majority vote of the SIG members present during the meeting. 

     Activities and a current list of SIG members will be reported annually and the minimum of six SDS members must be met for continued recognition. 

     The SIGs may be encouraged to submit proposals for high quality programs at the SDS annual conferences.

     The SIGs are encouraged to promote interaction with professional and academic organizations whose members have similar interests.   

     Recognition of a Special Interest Group may be rescinded with 10 days notice if the Policy Council feels there is reasonable cause to do so.

My goals for this year:

        To make chapters and SIGs more aware of their responsibilities to the society in submitting an annual report and list of qualifying members.

        To seek guidance from the policy council on whether to consider a probationary period for chapters who do not comply.

        To aggressively support the formation of additional chapters and SIGs.



Submitted by Ginny Wiley, VP Members and Chapters