System Dynamics Society – Brazilian Chapter

Annual Report

            The Brazilian Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Dinâmica de Sistemas – SBDS), which hosts the SDS Brazilian Chapter was founded on February 13, 2003 and the SDS accepted the Brazilian special interest group SDS-BC in July 2003.

            Our former president, Prof.Dr. Pierre Ehrilich (2003-2005) opened the election process on February 2005 and on April we elected the new Committee Members of the Second Executive Board of SBDS, for a 2 year term from April 2005 to March 2007, according to our bylaws.

Committee Members of the Second Executive Board of SBDS - April, 2005 through March, 2007


Niraldo J. Nascimento


Júlio Figueiredo


Amarildo Cruz


Edmilson Alves de Moraes


Idaci Mendes


Hélder Costa

Advisory Board

Vicente Nogueira Filho
Laércio Ferracioli
Paulo Villela
Leonardo M. Reis

The main purpose of the new board is to improve the operational activities of the Brazilian Chapter in the short term. To do this we are beginning to build a new web site which will contain our members’ data base and new services, facilitating information control, communication processes and member services.

As the new president Niraldo lives in Brasília, the SBDS office will be transferred temporarily from Sao Paulo to this city. This decision is important because some legal transactions should be registered in the city which hosts the Society. Furthermore, we are negotiating with a sponsor – AIEC – Continued Educational International Association - which will offer support to SBDS’ activities in Brasília. The AIEC program provide a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is the first educational organization to offers two disciplines based in Dynamics Systems through the Internet, in Brazil.

In June 21, 2005 we held a meeting at FGV-EAESP, in São Paulo, with members from various regions of Brazil. This meeting was important to define some of our main actions for the next two years. Among them isa National Symposium at São Paulo University (USP) in December (2005). Unfortunately our First Conference was postponed to 2006 because we need more time to plan the event.

In October 2004 SBDS was invited to participate of the 5º Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management Congress with a panel entitled “System Dynamics: possible uses in the Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management areas”. The debate was conducted by Niraldo Nascimento with the participation of Leonardo Reis, Júlio Figueiredo and Vicente Nogueira. The Congress held in Brasília was organized by FINEP (Research and Projects Financing) member of The Brazilian Innovation Agency and ABRAIC – Intelligence Competitive Analysts Brazilian Association.

 July 2005

                                                                        Niraldo J. Nascimento