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This page will contain contact information for all the participants in the Colloquium Series. From here you can send e-mail to project members, or visit their personal home pages (if available).

Coordinators:  Jeroen Struben and Luis Luna

SUNY Participants:

MIT Participants:

Andersen, David
Andersen, Deborah
Cresswell, Anthony
Deegan, Michael
Diker, Vedat
Gil, Ramón
Jirdeh, Omer
Luna, Luis
Martínez, Ignacio
Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad
Otto, Peter
Quinn, Patricia
Rich, Eliot
Richardson, George
Roggio, April
Spencer, Roberta
Szelest, Bruce  
Ulli-Beer Silvia
Wu, Yi-Jung
Dogan, Gokhan
García, Rosanna
Getmansky, Mila 
Gether, Kaare
Gonçalves, Paulo 
Labedz, Chet
Lane, David 
Lizeo, Elaine
Morrison, Brad 
Rahmandad, Hazhir  
Sosa, Lourdes
Struben, Jeroen 


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Guest Participants

Cornell University

PA Consulting

Kelly, Tom 
Dudley, Richard
Newton, Paul
Nicholson, Charles
Pagel, Erica 

Sustainability Institute

Susta, Marek
Seville, Don 
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Last updated: October 03, 2002.