D-Memos 500 - 999

D-number Pages Year Author Title
D-050141962JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project Assignment
D-0505111962RobertsSuggestions for Industrial Dynamics Theses
D-050631962JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project Assignment - 15.58/15.581, Fall 1962
D-050851962RobertsComplete Listing of Industrial Dynamics Theses
D-050921962RobertsSelected List of Industrial Dynamics Theses
D-0511171962RobertsModel of a Research and Development Organization
D-051551962Packer and NordIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Quiz 1
D-051741962WEJ and DMIndustrial Dynamics/15.58 Quiz 1
D-052111962PackerIndustrial Dynamics/Flow Diagram, Precision Machining Corporation
D-052641962DMIndustrial Dynamics: possible formulations for the quality control system on the 15.58 quiz (D-517)...
D-052711962JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/15.58, Precision Machining Corporation Assignment
D-052831962McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Answers to D-527
D-052911962PughIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Assignment
D-053261962Jarmain, P.Industrial Dynamics/Problem Set on Principles of System Behavior/Inventory Control Policies
D-053451962JarmainSolution to D-532
D-053571962RFMIndustrial Dynamics/Problems 1 & 2, Questions
D-053791962JLS, P., Nord, Swanson, PackerIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Quiz 2
D-0538-1151963FeyA Proposal for an Experimental Undergraduate Program in Industrial Management (Changes in format)
D-053931963EWJIndustrial Dynamics/Optional Quiz
D-054061963NordIndustrial Dynamics Take-Home Quiz, 15.581
D-054311963Jarmain, D.Industrial Dynamics/15.58 Final Exam
D-0545411963RobertsThe Design of Research and Development Policy
D-0548121963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Course Evaluation 15.58, 15.581, Fall 1962 (Dated, erroneously--should be Jan. 31, 1963)
D-054921963WeymarIndustrial Dynamics/Specialty Chemical Corporation Case
D-055051963WeymarIndustrial Dynamics/Apartment Building Case
D-055161963WeymarIndustrial Dynamics/Apartment Building Case/Equation Writing and Flow Diagramming Homework
D-055571963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Solutions to Homework on Apartment Building Case, D-551
D-055611963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Homework Problem - Model Simulation
D-055741963Weymar, N.Industrial Dynamics/Term Project Assignment - 15.58/581, Spring 1963
D-056331963NordIndustrial Dynamics/A Suggested Solution to Homework Problem D-556
D-056431963NordIndustrial Dynamics/15.58/15.581 Quiz 2
D-0566-161963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Homework/Inventory Control Policies (Retyped with several corrections in content)
D-0569351963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics and the Design of Management Control Systems
D-0572291963McPhersonUrban Yellow Fever: An Industrial Dynamics Study of Epidemiology
D-0577291963LewellenD-series Memoranda (issued since D-256, including new memos and revisions of earlier memos)
D-057821963WeymarIndustrial Dynamics/Acme Job Shop Company Case
D-0583-2151963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Equations for the Precision Case (Changes and corrections in format and content)
D-058411963GreerIndustrial Dynamics/Progress Report - SATAN Management Game/End of month 27
D-058541963WeymarIndustrial Dynamics/Aluminum Industry Case - 15.58/581 Quiz
D-058711963GreerIndustrial Dynamics/Progress Report - SATAN Management Game/End of month 30
D-0588-251963NordThe Problem of Work-Load Fluctuations of the Precision Company
D-0589251963PughTurbine Utility Model
D-059011963NordIndustrial Dynamics/15.58/581 Quiz
D-0591541963PackerProgress of Industrial Dynamics Study of Module Production
D-0592-251963NordBehavior of the Precision Model (Several minor revisions in content)
D-059531963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Research and Development Case/15.58/581 Quiz
D-059731963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Optional Quiz, May 10, 1963
D-059831963NordStop & Shop, Inc./Minutes: Tuesday, April 30, 1963
D-059931963GreerIndustrial Dynamics/Freshman Seminar Management Test
D-060221963NordStop & Shop, Inc./Minutes: Tuesday, May 7, 1963
D-060321963McPhersonStop & Shop, Inc./Minutes: Monday, May 6, 1963 -- CONFIDENTIAL - Limited Distribution
D-060421963McPhersonStop & Shop, Inc./Minutes: Friday, May 10, 1963 -- CONFIDENTIAL - Limited Distribution
D-0606-121963FeyMemo to Students/Summer Study and Fall Schedule (Format changed)
D-060731963McPhersonReport on Trip to Bethel, Maine (National Training Laboratory)
D-0608-151963PackerIndustrial Dynamics/Precision Company (Minor corrections, same content)
D-0609-251963PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Schedule (Several revisions)
D-061061963UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Staff (roster) for 1963 Summer Session
D-0611-131963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Speed-Ski, Incorporated (Retyped with first paragraph omitted)
D-0612-1221963McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Commodity Articles (Master copy corrected and multilith plates run)
D-061321963McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Group Dynamics
D-0614-131964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Yellow Fever System Structure (Format changed, content same)
D-061651963NordChapter 1/Growth of a New Product/Effects of Capacity-Acquisition Policies
D-061761963RobertsComplete Listing of Industrial Dynamics Theses
D-061821963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Selected List of Industrial Dynamics Theses
D-0619111963RobertsNew Directions in Industrial Dynamics/Part I: Foundations of Industrial Dynamics
D-0620151963RobertsNew Directions in Industrial Dynamics/Part II: New Directions
D-062121963NordIndustrial Dynamics/References for 15.58/581, Fall 1963
D-062221963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Part 1 - Fall 1963
D-062321963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics II/Seminar in Corporate Growth
D-062411963FeyExperimental Systems Undergraduate Program/Weekly Systems Paper
D-062631963FeyExperimental Systems Undergraduate Program/Program for the Fall Term, 1963
D-062711963FeyExperimental Systems Undergraduate Program/Books and Periodicals to Purchase Now
D-062851963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Readings in Management - List I
D-062911963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Texts for Standard Management Courses
D-063111963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Staff Mailing List
D-063231963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Course Information/15.581, Section B
D-063421963SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/General Information/15.58-581, Fall 1963
D-063521963SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline
D-063921963SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Term Projects
D-064041963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz
D-064211963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Class Schedule for Sloan Fellows
D-064331963NordIndustrial Dynamics/15.581, Section A/Term Projects
D-064961963UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Solution to Problem 5.1/The Dynamics of Corruption in Government
D-065121963SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Topics for the Individual Term Project
D-065431963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/15.581, Section B, First Quiz
D-065521963ABIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project Suggestions
D-065681963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Behavior of the Precision Model with Changes in Parameters
D-065821963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline (tentative - second third of course)/15.581, Section B - Fall 1963
D-066021963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Take-Home Quiz for Sloan Fellows
D-066151963McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; The Store Manager - Present Structure/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-066271963NordDraft/Improved Policies for Precision
D-066311963PughUndergraduate Systems Program/Homework Assignment
D-066411963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Course outline - Part 2 - Fall 1963/15.581, Section A
D-066541963SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz
D-066611963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Class Schedule/November 18 to november 25
D-066711963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Discussion of Sprague Electric Company
D-066911963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Class Schedule/December 2 to December 10
D-067061963RobertsIndustrial Dynamics for Sloan Fellows/Course Evaluation
D-067111963Forrester, J. W.Undergraduate Systems Program/Inventories in the Business Cycle
D-067211963PughUndergraduate Systems Program/Homework Assignment
D-067341963UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/LOG/Sept. 24 to Nov. 8, 1963
D-067471963W.E.JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/15.581, Section B, Second Quiz
D-067511963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/New Tutor Assignments
D-067611963FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Class Schedule, Dec. 11 to Jan. 8
D-067711963PughUndergraduate Systems Program/Homework Assignments
D-067811963JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline/tentative, final third of course, 15.581, Section B - Fall 1963
D-0679201963McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; The Store Manager - Model of Present Structure/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-068051963NordIndustrial Dynamics/Second Quiz/15.581, Section A
D-068111963Forrester, J. W.Undergraduate Systems Program/Report on Second Project
D-0683101964LewellenD-series Memoranda (issued since the listing in D-577, including new memos and revisions of earlier memos)
D-068431963McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Results of Store Manager Computer Simulation/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-068521964Forrester, J. W.Undergraduate Systems Program/Comments on the First Report on the Second Systems Project
D-068611964JarmainIndustrial Dynamics/Third Quiz/15.581, Section B
D-068951964UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/15.58/581 Quiz
D-069041964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Precision Case Evaluation
D-0691101964NordIndustrial Dynamics/Improved Policies for Precision
D-069291964NordIndustrial Dynamics/Behavior of Precision Model with New Policies
D-069311964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/15.582 Program/Spring Term, 1964
D-069421964RobertsSIM Game
D-069521964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Information
D-069931964Forrester, J. W.Undergraduate Systems Program/Schedule for Business Press Discussions at 10 O'clock on Mondays
D-070021964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Possible Focal Point for Study of Functional Areas
D-070121964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Spring, 1964 Projects/15.58/581
D-070211964NordIndustrial Dynamics/Production-Accounting Seminar/Suggested Reading for March 6
D-070311964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Over-all System for a Technology-Based Organization
D-070451964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz 1, 15.58/581
D-070531964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Reduction of Computer Time Needed for Projects
D-070921964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, March 31, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-071021964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, April 3, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-071211964NordStop and Shop, Inc.;/Discussion of an Experiment
D-071621964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, April 10, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-071751964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Precision Case/Improved Policies with Existing Pressures
D-071921964LewellenUndergraduate Systems Program/Assignments for May 7 Class Session
D-0720-251964PughSummer Session (Revised from D-720 and D-720-1)
D-072161964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz 2, 15.58/581
D-072221964NordA Summary of Selected Responses from the Survey of Participants in 1963 M.I.T. Special Summer Program
D-072321964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, April 30, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-072441964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz 3, 15.58/581 - Optional Take-Home Quiz
D-0725331964McPhersonA Dynamic Model of Organizational Change
D-072621964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, May 14, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-072721964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store 7 Observation, May 22, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-072821964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Memo to Systems Group II/Summer Study and Fall Schedule
D-072981964SwansonReport on a Teaching Experiment
D-0730371965SwansonA Study of Stagnation and Growth in a Product Line
D-0731741964SwansonA DYNAMO Model to Study Stagnation and Growth in a Product Line
D-0732121964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Commodity Articles II
D-073411964UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Staff (roster) for 1964 Summer Session
D-073521964UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/List of Class Handouts to Members of I. D. Summer Session, 1964
D-073721964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/List of Materials in I. D. Summer Session Library
D-073921964Nord, O. C.Minutes of Meeting at Stop and Shop, June 2
D-074011964Fey, W. R.Undergraduate Systems Program/Systems Group II/Summer Study
D-074121964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc./Minutes of Charterhouse Meeting, June 16/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-074231964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Zone Manager Observation/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-074351964McPhersonSkill-Acquisition Rates and the Structure of the Learning Process
D-0744111964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Future Electronics Company/The Model
D-0745101964McPhersonFuture Electronics Company/Simulation Results
D-0746121964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Future Electronics Company/New Policies - Layoffs
D-0747111964McPhersonFuture Electronics Company/New Policies - Hiring Based on Observed Testing Rate
D-0748131964McPhersonFuture Electronics Company/New Policies - Hiring Based on Incoming Orders
D-074971965McPhersonFuture Electronics Company/New Policies - Order Rate Hiring and Layoffs
D-075021964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store Manager Observation, July 30, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-075121964McPhersonStop and Shop, Inc.; Notes on Store Manager Observation, September 1, 1964/Confidential - Limited Distribution
D-075211964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/First Session in I.D. for Sloan Fellows
D-075411964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Class Schedule for Sloan Fellows Introductory Course
D-075541964RobertsBook Review of Forrester's Industrial Dynamics by Harvey Wagner
D-075611964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Homework Assignment for Sloan Fellows
D-075711964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Systems Group II/First Class Meeting
D-075811964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Systems Group I/Class Schedule
D-075921964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Class Information/15.581 - Fall 1964
D-076021964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, 15.58/581, Fall 1964
D-076121964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/General Information, 15.58/581
D-076221964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/References for 15.58/581 - Fall 1964
D-076341964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Some Notions About Feedback Systems
D-076621964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Solution to Problem 4.1 in Problems in Industrial Dynamics
D-076741964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/15.58, 15.581 Inventory Control Project
D-076811964RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Phase 2 Schedule for Sloan Fellows Course
D-076921964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/First Tutor Meeting
D-077011964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Laboratory Training Schedule, Group II
D-077111964UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Groups I and II, Roster/Fall 1964
D-077241964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz 1, 15.581
D-077381964McPhersonA General Commodity Model
D-077431964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/USP Tutors
D-077541964SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Take Home Quiz, 15.58/581, Oct. 28, 1964
D-077611964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Project Assignments
D-077721964UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Class Use of Time-Sharing System
D-077811964UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Mailing List 1964-65
D-077921964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Class Schedule
D-078111964FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Group II - Dinner Meeting - Nov. 24
D-078241964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz 2, 15.581, Dec. 3, 1964
D-078321964PughSector Generator
D-078411964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/15.581 Class Schedule
D-0785251964McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Color Television Articles from Business Week and WSJ
D-078641965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Take Home Quiz, 15.581, Jan. 20, 1965
D-078711965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 1/Questionnaire
D-078841965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Equation Writing Exercise/Production - Employment Problem
D-078911965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Solution to Equation Writing Problem, D-788
D-079031965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/References for 15.58/581
D-079131965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, 15.58/581, Spring 1965
D-0792-131965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 2/Purpose of the Seminar
D-0794-141965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 3/Open-Loop Equilibrium Response
D-079531965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Corporate Growth Project
D-079651965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Production - Inventory Project
D-0797-111965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Short Paper Due January 10, 1966
D-079921965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project, Spring 1965
D-0800-131965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 4/Closed-Loop Decision Structure (Pg. 3 only, with Figure 4.1
D-080131965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Hand Simulation Exercise
D-080221965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 1.5/Comments on Conduct of the Seminar
D-080311965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Spring Class Schedule, 1965
D-080411965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Spring Term Tutor Assignments, 1965
D-0805-3111965PughTime Sharing DYNAMO User's Manual
D-080721965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 5/Answers to Problems in Paper No. 3
D-080861965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 6/Answers to Problems of Paper No. 4
D-080941965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Solution to Hand Simulation Exercise, D-801
D-0810-1121965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 7/Negative Feedback Loop Behavior (With corrections)
D-081131965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Examples of Feedback Systems
D-0813-181965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 8/Answers to Problems of Paper No. 7 (With corrections and original drawings)
D-081421965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Instructions for Submitting Computer Runs for 15.58/581
D-0815151965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Behavior of Single Loop Feedback Systems (Linear)
D-081671965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 9/Level and Rate substructure of Feedback Systems
D-0817-151965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 10/Computing Sequence
D-081851965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 11/Flow Diagram Symbols
D-0819-131965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 12/Positive Feedback Loops
D-0820-141965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 13/Answers to Problem 12-1
D-082151965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 14/Structure of a Policy
D-082261965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 15/Answers to Problems 12-2, 12-3, and 12-4
D-082321965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 16/Answer to Problem 10-1
D-0824-111965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 17/Problems
D-082571965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 18/A Negative Feedback Loop Linking Sales and Production
D-082651965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 19/Discussion of Problem 9-1 (Description of a Feedback System)
D-082761965PughSummer Session Info
D-082881965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 20/Information Delay and Attenuation During Averaging
D-083021965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Sophomores Interested in Next Year's Program
D-0831-2111965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 22/Coupled Positive and Negative Feedback Loops
D-083211965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Suggested Readings for Use in 15.58/581-2 Projects
D-083311965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/List of Student Addresses, Spring 1965
D-083481965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/15.58/581 Quiz #1
D-0835161965McPhersonIndustrial Dynamics/Group Dynamics Model, Mark IV
D-083621965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Articles Used as a Basis for System Identification Project, Spring 1965
D-083721965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Tutee Performance, Tutor Meeting, Tutor Program for the Rest of the Term
D-083871965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 23/Answer to Problem 22-1
D-083911965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/To: Sophomores Who Attended the USP Coffee on March 22, 1965
D-084041965Forrester, J. W.Positive Loop Amplification
D-084111965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Tutors Assignments
D-084241965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 25/Answer to Problems 24-1 and 24-2--Positive Loop Amplification
D-084341965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 26/Answer to Problem 17-2--Dependence on Delays of Growth in Positive Loops
D-084441965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 27/Answer to Problem 20-1--Output/Input Response of First-Order Averaging
D-084541965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 28/Answers to Problem 21-1 and 21-2--Delay Caused by Smoothing
D-084611965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 29/Problems--Smoothed Sinusoids
D-084711965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Interview Evaluation
D-084851965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 30/Answers to Problems 29-1, 29-2, and 29-3--Smoothed Sinusoids
D-084921965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 31/Problems--Smoothed Noise
D-085031965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 32/Answers to problems 31-1 and 31-2--Smoothed Noise
D-0852231965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 33/Output-to-Input Ratio Versus Period
D-085361965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Home Quiz, April 12, 1965
D-0854-111965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 34/Problem--Noise Input to a Feedback System
D-085511965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 35/Problem--Relationship of this Seminar to Other Areas
D-085671965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 36/Answer to Problem 34-1--Noise Input to a Feedback System
D-085751965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 37/Time Delays in Negative-Feedback Loops
D-085841965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 38/Answers to Problems 37-1 and 37-2--Delay Changes in a Negative-Feedback Loop
D-085961965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 39/Consequences of Extreme Actions in Decision Functions
D-086031965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 40/Answers to Problems 39-1 and 39-2
D-086111965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper 35.5/Further Comments on Problem 35-1
D-086231965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Get Acquainted Meeting
D-086311965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Get-Acquainted Meeting
D-086411965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.951/Paper No. 41/Evaluation Questions for the Seminar
D-086651965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Readings in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Personnel, Production and Statistics
D-086721965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Quiz #2 (Closed Book)
D-0870281965McPhersonCommodity Articles III (from the business press)
D-087351965PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Schedule
D-087411965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Staff
D-087511965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Materials
D-087711965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Studies of the R & D Process
D-0878131965SwansonTeaching Industrial Dynamics, Report on Some Ideas and Experiments
D-0879-141965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/References for 15.58/581
D-088031965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Fall 1965
D-088321965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Thesis
D-088411965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Preparation for Class Simulation
D-088511965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Follow-up of Class Simulation
D-088611965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Fellows/First Session
D-088721965RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Class Schedule for Sloan Fellows
D-088811965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Feedback System Identification
D-0889111965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Glossary for Industrial Dynamics
D-089011965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Model Assignment
D-0891-111965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/1602 DYNAMO Checker
D-089541965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Systems Identified by Classes, Fall 1965
D-089621965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Plans and Schedule 1965-1966
D-089711965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Group II Tutor Program and Plan for Term
D-089811965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Dinner Meeting Schedule
D-089911965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Assignment: Description of Experimental Model
D-090031965FeyModel Analysis Outline
D-090121965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Student Answer to Question One on Hand Simulation Homework, Fall 1965
D-090211965FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Dinner Speakers, October 20 and November 3
D-090321965Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.958/Paper No. 12.5/Positive Feedback Problems
D-090431965SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Corporate Growth Project
D-090571965UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Student Analysis of Selected Computer Runs: Production-Inventory Project
D-090781965Forrester, J. W.15.958 Seminar Class Quiz
D-090931965UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Staff Activities
D-091011966Forrester, J. W.Seminar 15.958/Paper No. 32.2/Problem--Relationship of this Seminar to Other Areas
D-091331966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Spring 1966
D-0914-131966EPIndustrial Dynamics/Hand Simulation Exercise
D-091711966UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Equation Writing Assignment
D-0918-271966UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Solution - Hand Simulation Exercise
D-091941966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Production Inventory Project
D-092131966EPIndustrial Dynamics/Basic Growth Model
D-092631966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Corporate Growth Project
D-092741966Fey and SulgUndergraduate Systems Program/Memo to USP I
D-0928241966UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Simple Corporate Growth Model
D-0934.511966Swanson, C. V.Course Outline: Industrial Dynamics Course, 1p
D-093511966FeyUndergraduate System Program Interviewers
D-093611966FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/Memo to USP Group IV
D-093761966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Evaluation
D-0938-111966UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Staff (roster)
D-093911966FeyUndergraduate Systems Program/List of Students - USP IV
D-094051966PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Schedule
D-094611966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Properties of Feedback Systems
D-094711966Roberts and AmesSystem Diagram of Model of Group Cohesion & Performance
D-095111966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Management Control System Exercise
D-095211966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Handouts to Date in 15.58/581
D-095431966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Simple Growth Model Project
D-095521966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/List of Management Control Systems Identified by Students
D-0956131966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Student Identification of Management Control Systems
D-095771966RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Complete Listing of I. D. Theses
D-0958251966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/System Identification Home Problem (Articles from the business press)
D-095911966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/System Identification Home Problem
D-096011966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Memo re restructuring the groups
D-096131966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Corporate Growth Project
D-096211966UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Names and Addresses - USP Group IV
D-096311966UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Names and Addresses - USP Group III
D-096631966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project, 15.58/581, Fall 1966
D-096721966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/List of Term Projects
D-097091966Roberts and JWIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Fellows/Course Evaluation
D-097111966SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Short Paper (assignment)
D-097221967Forrester, J. W.15.958/Class Quiz
D-097311967Forrester, J. W.Animated Movies of Basic Concepts in System Dynamics
D-097411967Forrester, J. W.Industrial Dynamics Group/Seminar Announcement
D-0975231967Forrester, J. W.Undergraduate Systems Program/Copies of three memos marking stages in the history of USP
D-0976181967SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Construction Industry Case
D-097721967Swanson and PedersenIndustrial Dynamics/Seminar Agenda
D-097821967SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline
D-097931967PedersenIndustrial Dynamics/Hand Simulation Exercise
D-098011967Swanson and PedersenIndustrial Dynamics/Doctoral Program
D-0981121967WilcoxIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/5
D-098231967MeadowsIndustrial Dynamics/Doctoral Program
D-098331967Swanson, C. V.Outline of Presentation to Seminar on my Growth of the Firm Thesis
D-0986-1131968SwansonNotions Useful for the Analysis of Complex Feedback Systems
D-098881967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/10
D-098921967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/6
D-099031967TerryIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/13
D-099121967MeadowsIndustrial Dynamics/Doctoral Program
D-099221967WilcoxIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/17
D-099361967TerryIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/20
D-099421967WilcoxIndustrial Dynamics/Staff Meeting Notes, 2/24
D-099531967MeadowsIndustrial Dynamics/Meeting Feb. 27 with the SVTN Community Mental Health Staff
D-099611967Pedersen and SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Seminar Agenda
D-0997-111967Pedersen and SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Seminar Agenda
D-099811967Pedersen and SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Memo
D-099941967Belfer and PughNew Faculty Training Program

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