D-Memos 1000 - 1499

D-number Pages Year Author Title
D-1000-3261969PughReference Manual
D-100111967Pedersen and SwansonIndustrial Dynamics Seminar Agenda
D-100331967RobertsFeedback System Views of R & D Processes/Reference List
D-100411967UnknownUndergraduate Systems Program/Names and Addresses USP V
D-100831967Roberts, E.Schedule: Industrial Dynamics Course
D-101181967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Student Analysis of Water System Dynamics, Fall 1967
D-101371967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Student Identification of Management Control Systems, Fall 1967
D-101431967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/List of Available Term Projects
D-101511967UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Additional List of Term Projects and Theses - November 1967
D-101621967RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Fellows/Suggested Solution, Problem 47, Principles of Systems, W2-33
D-101931967RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Fellows/Homework Assignment: Petroleum Industry Model
D-102131967RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Sloan Fellows/Solution: Petroleum Industry Model Homework
D-1022-111967ESIndustrial Dynamics/Term Project Report outline
D-102331967Unknown, m. E.Final Examination, Industrial Dynamics
D-102561967ESIndustrial Dynamics/Simple Feedback - Gain and Delay
D-102671968Simone, D., D. V. and U. D. CommerceEducation for innovation (IEEE Spectrum)
D-102911968Unknown15.578 Principles of Systems General Information, Spring 1968
D-103021968SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Spring 1968
D-103131968UnknownPrinciples of Systems, 15.573, Spring 1968, Selected Bibliography
D-103211968Forrester, J. W.Industrial Dynamics/Course Outline 15.573, Spring 1968
D-103321968UnknownSystems Mathematics 15.574/5, References
D-103411968UnknownSystems Mathematics 15.574/5, Course Outline
D-103921968UnknownFeedback Dynamics Laboratory, 15.571, Spring 1968/General Description
D-104011968UnknownFeedback Dynamics Laboratory, 15.571, Spring 1968/Instant Course Evaluation Sheet
D-104111968UnknownFeedback Dynamics Laboratory, 15.571, Spring 1968/Weekly Progress Evaluation Form (Student)
D-104211968UnknownFeedback Dynamics Laboratory, 15.571, Spring 1968/Tutor's Weekly Evaluation of Student and Tutorial
D-1043-111968PughProblem Set No. 1, 15.574/5
D-104441968RenardIndustrial Dynamics/Computer Usage
D-104511968NPPrinciples of Systems, 15.573, Assignment No. 1
D-104611968ESPrinciples to Demonstrate in the First Lab Project, 15.571
D-104711968ESTeaching Assistants--Guidelines, 15.571
D-1049-151969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Chemematics, Ltd./Richard Wright
D-1050-211968SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Chemematics, Ltd. -- Model Formulation Project
D-1051-161968MJGProblem Set Two, 15.574/5
D-105311968UnknownShort Quiz, 15.571
D-105421968DixonUndergraduate Systems Program/Advisory Committee Meeting Summary Feb. 21, 1968
D-105921968DixonUndergraduate Systems Program/Advisory Committee Meeting Summary, March 4, 1968
D-1060-211969PughSystems Mathematics/Problem Set No. 4, 15.574/5
D-106421968DixonUSP Committee Advisory Meeting Summary -- March 11, 1968
D-1069-131968UnknownSystems Mathematics 15.574/5, Problem Set #6
D-107111968Forrester, J. W.15.573--Home Assignment for Monday, April 1, 1968
D-107421968Seykota15.571/Some Points from The Process of Education by Jerome Bruner
D-107521968Seykota15.571/Staff Meeting
D-107611968Pugh15.574/5 First Examination
D-107721968DixonUSP Advisory Committee Meeting Summary, March 18, 1968
D-1080-111969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/System Identification Project Module
D-108111968Seykota15.571--Project Suggestions
D-1082-141968UnknownPrinciples of Systems 15.572/3--Mid-term Examination
D-108341968DonathUSP Advisory Committee Meeting Summary--April 1, 1968
D-108421968Swanson15.58/581 Term Project -- Problem Analysis and Solution
D-108531968DixonUSP Advisory Committee Meeting Summary--April 8, 1968
D-108781968BuddenIndustrial Dynamics/General Solution of a Linear Two-level System
D-109211968Unknown15.571/Projects in Progress
D-109421968Forrester, J. W. and MetcalfeA Preliminary Design
D-109511968Pugh15.574/5 Quiz
D-109711968Pugh15.574/5 Problem Set
D-109811968NKP15.573 Assignment for May 8 - May 15, 1968
D-110111968Unknown15.571 IDEAS
D-1102-151969Pugh15.574/5 Problem Set 10
D-110421968PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Material Distributed
D-110551969PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Schedule
D-110611968UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Staff
D-1106A41968Forrester, J.W.Doctoral Program in Industrial Dynamics
D-1108271968Hickson, D., C. and B. T. C. V.P.A Banker's Appreciation of Systems Considerations
D-110971968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Laboratory Guide (Feedback Dynamics)/Introduction to Electronic Equipment
D-1110141968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Laboratory Guide (Feedback Dynamics)/Current, Voltage, Resistors, and Batteries
D-1111171968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Laboratory Guide (Feedback Dynamics)/Capacitors and R-C Circuits
D-1112141968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Laboratory Guide (Feedback Dynamics)/How to Use Time-Sharing Consoles for DYNAMO
D-1115151968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/laboratory Guide/Quiz on Chapter 2
D-1116391968PetersonIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/A1: Laboratory Guide/How to Use Operational Amplifiers
D-1117171968PetersonIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/A2: What Operational Amplifiers Do and How They Are Used
D-111931968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Miniproject #1: Neon Relaxation Oscillator
D-1121151968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Writing Laboratory No. 1
D-1122-131969SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Mini-project 1A: Frequency Response of an Automobile Suspension System
D-1123221968Forrester, J. W.Planning Under the Dynamic Influence of Complex Social Systems (For the OECD Working Symposium on Long-range Forecasting and Planning, Bellagio, Italy)
D-1124-121969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Spring 1969
D-112561968SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/References for 15.576, 15.58, and 15.581
D-112621968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Review Questions for D-1109
D-112721968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Review Questions for D-1110
D-1129341968Budden and PatniA Detailed Analysis of the Marketing Paper
D-113021968SeykotaIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Review Questions for D-1111
D-113121968PughSystem Mathematics/Course Outline, Fall 1968
D-1132-111969GinzbergSystem Mathematics/Reference List, Spring 1969
D-113311968UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Course Outline
D-113411968UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Staff Directory
D-113711968DPIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Assignment 2
D-1140-131969BuddenPrinciples of Systems/Preview of Classroom Simulation
D-114211968UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Miscellaneous Information
D-114311968NPPrinciples of Systems/Assignment #2
D-114811968PetersonIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Assignment 3
D-1150-1351969GinzbergIndustrial Dynamics/Workforce Control Project
D-1151-111969Pugh15.574 Problem Set 2
D-115211968PetersonIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Assignment 4
D-115441986BuddenPOS Assignment No. 4
D-115541968GinzbergIndustrial Dynamics/Problem Set #4
D-115931968RobertsIndustrial Dynamics/Information and Decision Systems for Sloan Fellows (15.185)/Homework Assignment
D-116111968UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/The Miniproject
D-116351968BuddenPOS Answer to Assignment #1
D-116821968BuddenPOS Answer to Question #2 of Assignment Number 4 (D-1154)
D-116911968PatniMemo to Faculty re Industrial Dynamics Newsletter
D-117261968MeadowsPOS/Dynamic Behaviour of Exponential Delays - 1
D-1175-121968SwansonIndustrial Dynamics I/Growth Project Assignment
D-1177-141969GinzbergSystems Mathematics/Problem Set #6
D-1182361968Budden and PatniPOS/Working Exercise on the Marketing Paper
D-118361968GinzbergSystem Mathematics/Problem Set #6
D-118551969Peterson and WrightIndustrial Dynamics/Water System/Part I: Hand Simulation
D-118721968GinzbergSystem Mathematics/Exam #2
D-1192-111969GinzbergSystem Mathematics/Problem Set #7
D-119431968MeadowsPOS/The Content and Format of Principles of Systems
D-119711968UnknownPOS/Final Exam, Question #1
D-119811968PetersonPOS/Assignment for Jan. 6, 1969
D-119941969BuddenPOS/The Principles of Systems
D-120021969PrichardPOS/Student Response to Assignment for Jan. 6, 1969/Essay on Ansoff and Slevin
D-1201-131969PughSystem Mathematics/Problem Set #10
D-120211969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Evaluation, Fall 1968
D-120731969ShipmanIndustrial Dynamics/15.571 Guide No. 2
D-121011969MeadowsPOS/Course Outline, Spring 1969
D-121211969Budden15.572 Assignment #2
D-121411969FosterIndustrial Dynamics/15.571 Minute Quiz No. 2
D-1215-111969HirschIndustrial Dynamics/Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Instructions for the Workshop Program
D-121851969GrahamIndustrial Dynamics/15.571 Laboratory Guide
D-121911969GrahamIndustrial Dynamics/15.571 Minute Quiz No. 3
D-122111969FosterIndustrial Dynamics/15.571 Minute Quiz No. 4
D-122221969MeadowsPOS/Cobweb Model - 2, Structural Additions
D-1225151969PetersonPOS/Exercise on First Order Negative System
D-122791969Schroeder15.571 Guide No. 5 (Mini-projects 1A and 1B)
D-122831969Schroeder15.571 Mini-project No. 1B, Frequency Response of an R-L-C Circuit
D-122911969PughSystem Mathematics 15.574/5 -- Exam #1
D-123011969Seykota15.571 - Excerpt from CEP Task Force Report on General Institute Requirements
D-123111969Lyneis15.571 Hour Quiz
D-123331969MeadowsPOS/Pennzoil United Inc., Reserve Acquisition model
D-123431969MeadowsPOS/Solution Set-Structural Additions to the Cobweb Model
D-123591969HakimzadehMicroproject/Laboratory report on determining the value of a capacitor in a RC - circuit
D-123921969MeadowsPOS/Characteristics of a Good Model Description
D-124261969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Results of Course Evaluations (15.58, 15.581, 15.576), Fall 1968-1969
D-124531969Seykota and Wooten15.571 R-L-C Lab Assignment
D-1246151969PetersonPOS/Exercise on the First Order Positive Loop
D-124741969HirschIndustrial Dynamics/System Behavior Exercise
D-124821969PughSystem Mathematics/Exam
D-124911969GinzbergSystem Mathematics/Final Exam, Spring 1969
D-125151969PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session Schedule
D-125221969PughIndustrial Dynamics/Summer Session: Material Distributed
D-125311969Peterson and GrahamIndustrial Dynamics/Cummins-M.I.T. Project Goal
D-125431969Hirsch15.571 Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Exercise on the First-Order Negative Feedback Loop (FONFL)
D-125591969Seykota and Schroeder15.571 Feedback Dynamics/Laboratory Guide/Introduction to Electronic Equipment (Revised from D-1109 and D-1110)
D-125611969HenizePOS/Assignment #1
D-125731969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Advanced Section/Course Outline, Fall 1969
D-125951969Foster15.571 RC Laboratory Project
D-126031969PetersonPOS/Classroom Simulation
D-1261191969Forrester, J. W.Systems Analysis as a Tool for Urban Planning (For the Symposium The Engineer and the City, National Academy of Engineering, October 1969, Washington, D.C.
D-126221969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Recommended Readings Sources: Fall 1969
D-126451969Schroeder15.571 RLC Laboratory Project
D-126521969SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Control System Project (Advanced Section)
D-126621969Dieguez and BennettIndustrial Dynamics/Control Project/Possible Project Areas
D-126711969DieguezIndustrial Dynamics/Growth Project
D-126841969Pugh, A.User Defined Macros
D-126921969HenizePOS/Assignment #4
D-127021969HenizePOS/Assignment #5
D-127121970UnknownIndustrial Dynamics/Reading List, Spring 1970
D-127221970SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Course Outline, Spring 1970
D-127321970PughSystem Mathematics/Course Outline, Spring 1970
D-127411970UnknownSystem Mathematics/Reference List, Spring 1970
D-127561970UnknownFeedback Dynamics Laboratory/Lab 1: Basic Setup
D-127611970GrahamLab Quiz #1
D-127761970UnknownFeedback Dynamics/Lab 2: Integration
D-127821970Graham15.571/Solutions to Lab Quiz #1
D-127931970UnknownSystems Mathematics 15.574/5 Problem Set #1
D-128051970Unknown15.571 Feedback Dynamics Laboratory/Problem Set: Flow Diagram of a General Commodity Market
D-128141970Graham15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Hour Quiz
D-128221970Harlow15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Assignment
D-128351970Wooten15.571 Feedback Dynamics/Lab 3: First-Order Negative Feedback Loop
D-128571970Graham15.571 Feedback Dynamics/Lab 4: Frequency Response of the First-Order Loop
D-128631970Harlow15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/A Flow Diagram for Modelling Exercise #2
D-128741970Yankowski15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Commodities Modelling Exercise #3
D-128831970Harlow15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Modeling Exercise #4
D-128921970Unknown15.572/5 Systems Mathematics/Problem Set #4
D-129011970Yankowski15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Lecture Schedule
D-1291101970Forrester, J. W.Toward a National Urban Consensus
D-129211970Yankowski15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/A Solution to Modeling Exercise 3 (As diagrammed in Solution to ME 2)
D-129341970Harlow15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/A Solution for Modelling Exercise #4
D-129451970Lyneis and Harlow15.571 Feedback Dynamics Lab/Take Home Quiz
D-129541970Lyneis15.571 Feedback Dynamics/Lab #5 Second Order Negative Feedback Loops
D-129611970Unknown15.574/5 System Mathematics/Problem Set #6
D-129741970Forrester, J. W.Questions Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-129821970Forrester, J. W.Questions (#2) Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-129941970Forrester, J. W.Question 3 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130031970Forrester, J. W.Question 4 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130121970Forrester, J. W.Question 5 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130221970Forrester, J. W.Question 6 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130341970Forrester, J. W.Question 7 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130421970Forrester, J. W.Question 8 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130531970Forrester, J. W.Question 9 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130621970Forrester, J. W.Question 10 Raised by Gordon F. Bloom
D-130731970Forrester, J. W.Comments While Reading Plan for New York City, 1969--A Proposal by the New York Planning Commission
D-131861970Wooten15.571 Lab 6: Group Simulation
D-131941970Forrester, J. W.Memo to Herbert Weinblatt re Urban Dynamics
D-132011970SwansonIndustrial Dynamics/Production Distribution System Design Project
D-132111970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132221970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132321970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132411970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132541970Dieguez15.581/576 Dynamo Dilemmas
D-132611970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132711970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-132841970GrahamWelfare and Prices
D-1329-1101970Unknown1970 Summer Session Schedule - 15.21s
D-133011970Unknown1970 Summer Session Staff Members
D-133221970Unknown1970 Industrial Dynamics Summer Session: Material Distributed
D-133631970SeegerNotes, Staff Meeting, June 10, 1970
D-133721970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-133821970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-133951970Unknown1970 Summer Session: Course Evaluation Questionnaire
D-134071970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-134121970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-134211970BehrensMemo to Urban Dynamics Group re Welfare Model
D-134321970BehrensMemo to Urban Dynamics Group re Self-Valuation, Planning time Horizon
D-134451970AlfeldUrban Dynamics: Sources of Reader Difficulty
D-134571970MeadowsLecture Notes: Dynamics of Commodity Fluctuations
D-134621970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-1348731970Forrester, J. W.A World Dynamics Model: Introductory Exercise
D-134921970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-1350131970BarneyPopulation Dynamics: Understanding, Modeling and Extending the Ideas of Thomas R. Malthus, Part II
D-135181970BarneyPopulation Dynamics: Understanding, Modeling and Extending the Ideas of Thomas R. Malthus, Part III (Guide to Group Leaders)
D-1352141970BarneyPopulation Dynamics: Understanding, Modeling and Extending the Ideas of Thomas R. Malthus, Part IV
D-1352a31970AKGUrban Conference Summary
D-135331970Forrester, J. W.World2 Computer Listing: A Part of a World Dynamics Model: Introductory Exercise
D-1354111970Forrester, J. W.World2 Documentor: A Part of a World Dynamics Model, Introductory Exercise
D-1355231970Forrester, J. W.WORLD2 TABLE FUNCTIONS/a part of A World Dynamics Model: Introductory Exercise
D-135621970FosterComplex Systems Have Implicit Goals
D-135741970Forrester, J. W.Comments on World2 Model
D-135841970Forrester, J. W.A World Dynamics Model, Introductory Exercise, Chapter 5: The World2 Model
D-135921970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-136061970Forrester, J. W.Description of World2 Model Runs/Chapter 6 (to accompany D-1348)
D-136111970AlfeldMemo to Staff re Model Building
D-1362-131970RobertsFeedback Systems Views of R & D Processes/Reference List
D-1362.a281970UnknownResearch and Development Projects
D-136311970SeegerMemo to Graduate Students re The Predicament of Mankind, a new course and research opportunity
D-136421970AlfeldUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes, August 10, 1970
D-136521970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes, August 18, 1970
D-1366121970Swanson1970 Summer Session: Course Evaluation Questionnaire
D-136821970BehrensFamily Stability
D-136921970BehrensModel Formulation
D-137021970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-137261970PetersonLaboratory Notebooks
D-137411970AlfeldStatus Report
D-137651970MeadowsReference material, flow diagram, equations and plot for Problem 3.2 in Jarmain, Problems in Industrial Dynamics
D-137731970AlfeldMemo to staff re Status
D-137851970AlfeldWeekend Thoughts
D-137951970Forrester, J. W.Book Reviews of Urban Dynamics (Gregory K. Ingram)
D-1380221970BehrensDynamo Usage on CTSS
D-138111970SeegerHuman Use of Human Talents
D-138261970AlfeldProposed Outline of Book
D-1383-1271970Forrester, J. W.Testimony for the Subcommittee on Urban Growth of the Committee on Banking and Currency/House of Representatives/counterintuitive Behavior of Social Systems
D-1386221970MeadowsExercise on the Dynamics of Commodity Production Cycles
D-138731970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-1388461970UnknownMEMO, D-log, M.I.T. Index, D-684-1378
D-138961970GrahamChapter 4, Why Programs Fail, Ultra-Preliminary Draft
D-139011970RocheMEMO, D-log, M.I.T. File Index
D-1391111970GrahamDraft (First half of rewrite and expansion of D-1389, to become Why Programs Fail)
D-139241970UnknownUrban Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-1394171970BehrensAssignment: Cardinal Structures I
D-139521970AlfeldUrban Attractiveness and Employment Mobility Data
D-139641970FosterAn Outline for Dealing With Urban-Suburban Interactions
D-139731970RocheMill's Of the Stationary State
D-139811970Graham, A. K.Time-Varying Policies
D-139931970UnknownSystem Dynamics Staff Meeting Minutes
D-140011970MeadowsMeeting with Harvard Center for Population Studies
D-1401261970Forrester, J. W.The Club of Rome Project on the Predicament of Mankind/Phase One: The Dynamics of Global Equilibrium
D-140221970BehrensPrinciples of Complex Systems/Cardinal Structures II
D-140341970FosterComments on the Progress of the World Project
D-1404121970FosterUrban Dynamics Projects
D-1405141970HarlowReader Evaluation Page (Preliminary work for Part I of Beyond Urban Dynamics
D-140611970HarlowThoughts on Urban Implementation
D-140721970PughInterim Boxcars in DYNAMO II
D-140821970UnknownStaff Meeting Minutes
D-141031970HarlowThe Underemployed in a Revived Urban Area
D-1411121970SchroederBoston Equilibrium Model
D-141221970RogalInterview with Stewart Forbes
D-1413181970RogalRent Control - First draft
D-141411970Forrester, J. W.Sources of Information for Dynamic Models
D-141511970Forrester, J. W.Empty Objections to the Urban Dynamics Model
D-1416461970Forrester, J. W.Harvey Garn on Structure and System Behavior
D-141721970Forrester, J. W.Migration Multipliers as Dependent on Housing Ratios in URBAN DYNAMICS
D-1419-1251970Alfeld, LouisA Systems Approach to Urban Revival
D-142031970UnknownSystem Dynamics Staff Meeting Notes
D-142121970Forrester, J. W.City-Suburb Interaction
D-1422301971Forrester, J. W.Comments on the Paper Critical Analysis of a Dynamic Urban Model by Daniel L. Babcock
D-1423-151970Harlow, S.Revised Topic and Paper Control System
D-1424211970Forrester, J. W.Memorandum from R. G. Coyle describing plans at the University of Bradford for setting up a System Dynamics Group
D-142511970Forrester, J. W.Transportation (in urban systems)
D-142611970AlfeldIRS Code Section 1.165-3: a tax law which operates counter to Urban Dynamics
D-142741970MeadowsSeminar on the Agricultural Sector
D-142811970MeadowsSeminar on Marine Pollution
D-142981970Graham, A. K.Policies and Parameters
D-143011970Forrester, J. W.Student Paper on Urban Dynamics done at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
D-143121970Forrester, J. W.World Dynamics: Article from Business Week showing how attempts to improve a system can be defeated by the system surrounding a point at which change is made.
D-143231970BarneyMeeting with Max Stern and his Associates
D-1433281970HeinzeThree Best Papers in 15.852/872 (Speck, Lichtenstein, Lund)
D-143421970RandersReport from World Simulation Workshop III, November 19, 1970
D-143521970MeadowsReport on a Discussion with Professor William Perk about the World Game
D-143641970MeadowsSummary of World Group Seminar on Marine Pollution and Food Production from the Sea
D-143721970AlfeldReview of Dennison--Sources of Economic Growth in the U.S. and the Alternatives Before Us, 1962
D-143811970AlfeldUrban Dynamics Topic Memos
D-1439131970SchroederOne-Half Hour Presentation to EASCON--1970
D-1440-1141971BehrensTowards a Model of Poverty Dynamics
D-144191970SchroederEmployment Sector
D-144281970BehrensThe Club of Rome Project Methodology: A Response to Christakis
D-144371970ZahnReport from the Technological Forecasting Seminar, November 15-20, 1970
D-144511970PetersonVisit From Dean H. Vanderbilt
D-1446211970Forrester, J. W.Harold T. Moody's Review on URBAN DYNAMICS
D-144711970Forrester, J. W.System Dynamics IAP Flyer for Students: The Dynamics of Social Systems
D-144831970AlfeldUrban Dynamics and Urban Employment
D-144921970AlfeldReview of Article: Greenwood, An Analysis of the Determinants of Geographic Labor Mobility in the United States, The Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1969, page 189.
D-145011970HarlowUrban Dynamics Writing Topic
D-145141970Forrester, J. W.Book Review [of Urban Dynamics] by Professor Brian J. L. Berry, from The Journal of Business, October 1970, Vol. 43, No. 4 [with Prof. Forrester's reply]
D-145241970GrahamModeling City-Suburb Relations
D-145331970FosterUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Model Boundaries
D-145431970Alfeld and HarlowUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Urban Goals
D-145511970AlfeldUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Application of Urban Dynamics
D-145611970FosterUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Urban Land Use
D-145751970GrahamPolicies and Parameters
D-1458101970HarlowJob Training Programs and Cities
D-1459141970Cope and HoffmanMigration of Underemployed to the Cities
D-146011970FosterUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Negative Counterbalance: The Key to Urban Revival
D-146131970HoffmanPolicy Implementation
D-146211970AlfeldUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Policy Evaluation Criteria
D-146311970AlfeldUrban Dynamics Writing Topic--Counterintuitive Behavior
D-146421970AlfeldWhy the Suburbs Are Necessary to U.D. Model
D-146521970AlfeldInternal Economic Expansion of Urban Area
D-1466111970SchroederThe Source, Nature, and Accuracy of Information Needed in System Dynamics Models
D-146731970AlfeldSources on Migration
D-146841970HarlowThe Administration of a Slum Housing Demolition Program
D-146911970HarlowUrban Dynamics Topic Suggestion: Verify and discuss permanent urban unemployment
D-147091970HarlowModels, Structure and Data Collection
D-147111970Forrester, J. W.IAP Schedule: The Dynamics of Social Systems
D-147271970RogalPopulation Category Definitions
D-1473-211970Pugh, L.Reference Manual for DYNAMO Usage on the 360/67
D-147411970HarlowArticle in Urban Affairs (Vol. 6, No. 1, September 1970)
D-147531970FosterWhy the Suburbs Are Not Necessary to the U.D. Model (Response to D-1464)
D-147631970CopeThe Urban Models of James Hester
D-147741970Rome, C. o.Club of Rome Project on the Predicament of Mankind--Review of Phase I, Discussion of Phase II
D-147891970Meadows and D. Y. KayaOrganization of Japan Work Team
D-147961970PetersonTests of Model Validity
D-1480211970BarneyUnderstanding Urban Dynamics
D-148191970RocheMeeting Notes, Club of Rome Conference
D-148221971Milling and MeadowsMeeting with Professor Gotsch, December 21, 1970
D-148551971Forrester, J. W.Abstracts of Seminar Presentations, IAP, The Dynamics of Social Systems
D-1486191971Forrester, J. W.The Nature of Complex Systems (Talk before the Club of Rome Conference, July 1970)
D-148721971MeadowsProcedures for reducing computer expenses
D-148891971HarlowDraft--A Response to Ingram
D-148941971GoodmanDefinition of the Underemployed
D-149011971ErwinPrinciples & Practices Series: Recommended Reading
D-1490A551971Randers, JorgenThe Club of Rome Project on the Predicament of Mankind, The Dynamics of Sold Waste Generation
D-149111971BehrensWorld Dynamics Research Seminars, General Info
D-149211971BehrensWorld Dynamics Research Seminar, 2/5/71
D-149311971HoffmanAnswering Critics
D-149431971GrahamJob Training with Enterprise Encouragement
D-149651971GoodmanResponse to Prof. Weinblatt
D-149771971SchroederCommon Errors Underlying Policy Testing
D-149831971BellCriticisms from Audience at SD Seminars
D-149931971HarlowBeginning Students in System Dynamics

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