System Dynamics Group Literature Collection

selected by Jay W. Forrester


The MIT System Dynamics Group Literature Collection is a powerful tool that will advance your knowledge of the important history of the field at MIT and help build a foundation for understanding future growth.

The collection, based on the famous D-memos, spans nearly fifty years of work in system dynamics, and reveals a rich historical point of view. To view a table of contents for each section, please use the following links.


You will find:


First reactions from users…


 “An essential historical reference for anyone serious about system dynamics.”

John Sterman, MIT

“The definitive source for the serious practitioner – this is a ‘must have’ reference for regular use.”

Nick Pudar, General Motors Corporation

“Fascinating history, significant now, helpful in the future.”

George Richardson, University at Albany

“This is a gem.”

Rod MacDonald, Initiative for System Dynamics in the Public Sector

 “Over the years, I've paid $500 or more for copies of a few PhD system  dynamics theses from the MIT library. The inclusion of PhD and masters theses makes this DVD an incredible bargain.”

Jim Thompson, Cigna Health Care


Using the Literature Collection


The MIT System Dynamics Group Literature Collection contains over 3600 D-memos, along with theses, publications, the Guided Study Program, the Road Map series and miscellaneous papers selected by Jay W. Forrester.

Professor Forrester has selected this comprehensive collection to include substantive and historical materials.

The D-memos are part of a filing and archiving system that began with D-0 in 1956. The “D” indicates “document” and the “memo” segment identifies the paper.

The collection’s lists are searchable by author and words in the titles, but due to the electronic scanning and compression process used, the pdf files cannot be searched for text.

Also included is a searchable and sortable Excel spreadsheet for the collection’s D-memos only - not the entire collection.

The DVD runs directly from a DVD drive. (No installation on hard drive required.) There is a ReadMe file with full user instructions.

Some works are in draft form and were later published. It is recommended that for citing purposes, the final, published work be used.

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