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Southern University of Denmark
About the Strategic Organization Design (SOD) group We are among the leading international research groups in the area of strategy, organization design, and organization science. The SOD group comprises 10 researchers and includes external members and adjunct professors at Pompeu Fabra, INSEAD, Stanford University, and the Wharton School. Our agenda addresses important and interesting unsolved research questions relating to organizational design and adaptation, including the role of AI and new emergent technologies. As we are currently expanding our reach, we are not only looking for candidates from a traditional organization science and strategy background, but also from psychology, OB, and other related areas such as organizational economics and labor economics.
About the Danish Institute for Advanced Study The Danish IAS at SDU is a research center for curiosity-driven research that aims to inspire groundbreaking ideas through the meeting of minds across the sciences and humanities. The Danish IAS engages leading academics through its programs, and promotes a strong focus on talent development of young researchers who work on game-changing ideas. D-IAS is moving fast and this fall, we initiated our Colloquia with Nobel Laureate Samuel Ting, MIT, who gave a talk on “Encounters with Modern Physics.” The D-IAS Nobel Colloquium speaker in 2018 will be Nobel Laureate in Economics 2016, Bengt Holmström.
Contact Person Oliver Baumann
Professor wsr
Department of Marketing & Management
Contact phone, fax and/or email T: +45 65 50 44 33
Position title Assistant Professor D-IAS 2018, Strategic Organization Design
Assistant Professor in Strategic Organization Design
Position Description The Danish Institute for Advanced Study (D-IAS) and the Strategic Organization Design (SOD) group seek outstanding candidates to fill several positions at the Assistant Professor level. The appointments are ideal for young scholars who wish to pursue groundbreaking ideas in an environment designed to foster excellence in research. Application deadline: 27 November 2017.

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