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The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies at the Italian National Research Council
Contact Person Dr Giulia Andrighetto
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Position title Postdoctoral position in Social and Cognitive Dynamics at LABSS
Position Description The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies at the Italian National Research Council announces the opening of a postdoctoral position in Social and Cognitive Dynamics. The fellowship - funded by the Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the Italian National Research Council - is established to honour the memory of Rosaria Conte, Research Director and founder of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome, where the position will be housed.

Rosaria Conte is especially known for her work regarding the cognitive bases of the social action, with particular attention on norm-based behaviour and various mechanisms promoting it, in particular reputation and gossip. She pioneered work on agent-based simulation and applied this innovative approach to shed light on the bidirectional dynamics between individual agents and over-individual structures. Her studies mostly contributed to advancing the understanding of social order and conflict, as well as the evolution of social institutions.

The Social and Cognitive Dynamics fellowship is intended as a way to continue developing Rosaria Conte’s work and ideas, reflecting her many inter-disciplinary interests alongside her commitment and enthusiasm for mentoring younger researchers.

We are open to applicants with an interdisciplinary focus from cognitive sciences, computational social sciences, behavioural social sciences, social psychology and other related fields, with a preference for computational and experimental approaches.

The position will include substantial freedom to develop a research project based on the researcher’s own ideas and interests.
Desired Skills While highly desirable, a PhD is not an essential requirement. We will also consider candidates who are nearing the end of their PhDs.
Preferred Qualifications Competitive applicants will be creative, independent, and have expertise in one or more of the following topics: cooperation, collective action, social norms, reputation, trust, opinion dynamics, self-organisation, signalling, responsibility, heterodox economics,and socio-technical systems.
Deadline The position is for one year and complete applications are due by November the 20th. The successful applicant is expected to start as soon as possible.
URL to host organization To apply for this position and for further details, including salary and selection criteria, please click on this link. Search for: Codice Bando ISTC-240-2017-RM-Prot 0065250, scadenza : 20/11/2017

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