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GoldSim Technology Group
Background of Organization Our company focuses on developing GoldSim, a probabilistic, dynamic simulator. The software was originally developed while the company's principals were part of a large international engineering consulting firm.
Address 22500 SE 64th Place
Suite 240
Issaquah, WA 98027
Type of SD Work Develop simulation software
Where SD fits in your organization Our software differs from traditional system dynamics approaches in that 1) it puts much greater emphasis on probabilistic simulation techniques to support representation of uncertain and/or stochastic systems; and 2) it provides a wide variety of specialized model objects (beyond stocks, flows and converters) in order to make models less abstract (and hence more transparent) and help represent processes and events that cannot easily be represented using a traditional system dynamics approach. These differences are due to the fact that GoldSim is primarily used for engineering and scientific applications where quantitative probabilistic predictions of future performance are required (e.g., by regulators and other stakeholders) in order to inform and defend policy and design designs.
Typical career path Simulation Engineer: Start with customer support and software testing; progress to consulting, sales and marketing, software design and management.
Other information The software is widely used in the environmental and energy arenas. For example, the software is used to address complex water resource issues by organizations such as the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the Central Arizona Project, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Utah Division of Water Resources, and the US Bureau of Reclamation. Sandia National Laboratories has used the software to model the performance of large solar panel arrays. Los Alamos National Laboratory uses GoldSim to perform probabilistic simulations of CO2 sequestration in geologic reservoirs.
Contact Person Rick Kossik
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