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Delft University of Technology
Background of Organization Delft University of Technology, is the oldest and largest engineering university in The Netherlands. TU Delft is a leading academic institution with a strong reputation, and has a population of around 20,000 students and 2,500 academic staff. The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) develops robust models and designs, to solve the complex challenges of today’s networked society. TPM combines insights from the engineering sciences with insights from the humanities and the social sciences.
Contact Person Hans de Bruijn or Els van Daalen
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Position title Full Professor of Policy Modelling for Global Challenges
Job location The Hague/Delft
Position Description Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) has the unique opportunity to establish a new chair in Policy Modelling for Global Challenges in The Hague. The move of the TPM MSc in Engineering Policy Analysis to The Hague, a major centre for the United Nations (along with New York, Geneva & Vienna), creates opportunities to strengthen collaboration between the TU Delft and The Hague based organisations working towards solving global challenges. This will be conducive to the quality and relevance of both our research and our educational activities. The new chair holder will lead the 'Delft in The Hague' initiative, manage the branch in The Hague and create and pursue opportunities to strengthen our research and education, both in Delft and in The Hague. The chair will be appointed in the Department of Multi-Actor Systems (MAS). MAS focuses on the governance aspects of complex, large-scale, multi-actor, technical systems. MAS researchers use theories and methods rooted in various scientific disciplines ranging from engineering and operations research to social psychology, public administration, and law. MAS develops innovative concepts, methods and tools for understanding, supporting and designing multi-actor decision-making and coordination.

The complexity of the global challenges such as security, cyber security, development, energy supply, water, and sustainability, with their inherent uncertainties, will require all the ingenuity, commitment and wisdom we can muster. Policy models can play an important role in addressing such issues. In order for such models to really make a difference, they have to be technically the state of the art, making use of today’s computational power. They also need to be embedded in often ambiguous policy processes. It is at the interface of models, data, data science and policy that important strides need to be made.

The new chair in Policy Modelling for Global Challenges is expected to conduct research in the area of conceptual and quantitative modelling for improved decision making in complex policy issues. The new chair is also required to steer TPM’s renewed Master of Science in Engineering Policy Analysis in The Hague and to embrace a leadership role in establishing and intensifying international collaboration between government, industry and academia for strengthening and funding research and education in this emerging field.
Required Skills As TU Delft's ambassador in The Hague, the new chair will be held to the highest standard in this leadership role. Therefore, proven excellence in research and teaching, a strong quantitative modelling background combined with a thorough understanding of real-world decision making processes, demonstrable commitment to solving global challenges, proven talent for management in research and education environments, as well as evidence of an extensive international network and experience in acquisition of external funding will all be strict requirements for this role. In addition, appreciation for cultural diversity and political sensitivities, excellent negotiation and communication skills and a flair for entrepreneurship are professional attributes that will serve the candidate well in this role.
Salary Range €5,261 to €9,247 per month gross
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