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The Cooper SD Network
Background of Organization We bring together highly experienced SD modelers including past presidents of the Society, George Richardson, Khalid Saeed, David Andersen, Jim Lyneis, and founder Ken Cooper, to work important SD issues for clients.

A virtual network physically based in NH, USA

Type of SD Work From corporate strategy to large project management to one-off SD cases, our only requirement is that the cases be 'important', as gauged by the interest of our colleagues and the value the client attaches to solving the problem.
Where SD fits in your organization SD modeling is the core practice of The Cooper SD Network.
Typical career path This is a chance to join in with other established leaders of the field, with assignment teams gathered together as needed for different cases. Newer practitioners may be recommended by any of the founding members listed.
Any other information you would like to provide The Cooper SD Network is formed to address the challenge of "one-person shows" in SD consulting. The Network enables mentoring of newer practitioners and the pursuit of larger, important commercial SD assignments.
Business Contact Person Ken Cooper
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