(For the complete rules concerning Chapters, please refer to the Governance page, Policies and Bylaws of the System Dynamics Society. Please refer to the Sample Constitution.)

Purpose:  Chapters of the Society are intended to further the dissemination and encourage the advancement of system dynamics. Chapters can do this by undertaking activities that are specific to the interests or convenience of a subset of all practitioners and researchers in system dynamics.

 Representation:  Each Chapter of the Society will have an individual non-voting representative on the Council.

Activities:  The Chapter can represent itself as a Chapter of the System Dynamics Society in its activities and publications. All activities of the Chapter must be in keeping with the special interest of the Chapter and must not by focus, location or timing, interfere with the general activities of the Society.

Membership:  Chapter membership is not restricted to members of the Society. However, in order to remain a Chapter in good standing, at least ten (10) members of the Chapter must also be members in good standing of the Society. The individual designated as a representative on the Council must be a member in good standing of the Society.

Constitution:  A Chapter must have a constitution outlining its areas of interest and its principles of organization. This constitution should be consistent with the Society's Policies and Bylaws. For a draft constitution and for submitting one, please contact Martin Schaffernicht. Changes to Chapter constitutions must be reported to the Society and approved by the Policy Council.

Requirements for Recognition:  A Chapter will be recognized when it has presented its constitution, a petition signed by at least ten (10) Society members, a list of its officers and a named representative to the Council. On reviewing these items, the Council will then choose whether or not to recognize the Chapter. If the Council does not recognize the Chapter it will inform the Chapter petitioners in writing of its decision, and the reasons for the decision. The Chapter petitioners have the option to revise and resubmit their petition.

In addition to maintaining its membership, each Chapter will submit an annual report to the Council. The annual report will contain a list of active members, officers and recent activities. The report will be submitted in writing to the principal offices of the Society at least two weeks before the beginning of the annual conference.

Limitation of Liability:  Neither the Society nor the Council, by granting a charter to any Chapter, assumes any liability or responsibility for any obligations of any kind incurred by any Chapter.

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