Frequently Asked Questions: Dana Meadows Student Award Endowment Fund

How is my contribution matched?

A group of Dana’s colleagues, former students, and other supporters of the System Dynamics Society have pledged to match all donations to the endowment fund, until we reach the overall goal of $60,000. Every dollar you give has double the impact.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes. The System Dynamics Society is a non-profit educational institution. All contributions are tax deductible in the United States. Tax laws in other nations vary.

Who selects the Meadows Award winners and sets policy related to the Award?

The Award Committee, appointed by the Policy Council and now chaired by John Morecroft (London Business School), will continue to be responsible for the award competition, judging, selection of winners, and award related policy such as possible changes in eligibility criteria or judging procedures. Following the 2004 conference in Oxford the panel of judges was expanded to provide greater gender, regional and institutional diversity.

Who manages the endowment fund?

The ownership of the fund will be vested with the System Dynamics Society, a not-for-profit organization based in the United States. The Society office will manage the fund, with input from the VP Finance and our accountants. The fund will be invested with the goal of maximizing income while preserving principal.

How may the fund be used?

To the extent possible, the expenses associated with the Award will be paid out of the income generated by the endowment fund. To ensure the goal of the endowment and the Society that the fund remains viable in perpetuity, the principal will not be used to pay awards or other expenses. Earnings in excess of expenses will be reinvested in the endowment fund.

The income from the endowment fund may be used for the prize and travel stipend awarded to the winner(s), and for other direct expenses such as the cost of plaques or certificates given to the winner(s) and runners-up. However, fund income is not to be used to cover administrative or other expenses incurred by the Society, Award Committee or judges. Final authority with respect to issues relating to the administration of the fund rests with the Policy Council.

The purpose of the fund is to honor Dana Meadows by encouraging the participation of students in the field of system dynamics. In the event that the income from the fund grows to exceed what may reasonably be spent to do so, the Society may, with the approval of the Policy Council, Award Committee, and VP Finance, reallocate the income from the fund to other uses that benefit the Society and field of system dynamics. It is expected that such reallocation would occur only in unusual circumstances, and only after the income from the fund grows beyond what may reasonably be required in the future to increase the Award, travel stipend, and endowment principal to keep pace with inflation and other changes in circumstances.

Yes! I want to double my impact!* How can I contribute?

You can contribute by check, wire transfer, credit card, or online. Make your check (in US Dollars drawn on a US bank) payable to “System Dynamics Society” and send it to Roberta Spencer, System Dynamics Society, Milne Hall 300, Rockefeller College, 135 Western Avenue, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222 USA. Click here to go directly to the contributions form that includes payment options. Information about the Award and how to contribute can be found on the System Dynamics Society website. Questions?  Email Roberta Spencer at

On behalf of the Society, we thank you in advance for your generous contribution!

*  The first $30,000 in contributions will be fully matched, doubling the value of your gift.

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