Dana Meadows Student Award Endowment Fund Drive Announcement

Dana Meadows
Photo by Stuart Bratesman, Dartmouth College

Matching gift program doubles your contribution!

Here’s a challenge we hope you can’t resist. The System Dynamics Society announces a fundraising drive to permanently endow the Dana Meadows Student Award, given for the best work by students presented at the annual conference of the Society. Through the generosity of a diverse group of Dana’s colleagues, former students, and supporters of the Society, your donation will be fully matched, doubling the value of your gift, until we reach the overall goal of $60,000. Help us permanently endow the Award and support the future of the field of system dynamics—the students.

Background:  In 2001 the System Dynamics Society created a new award to recognize the best student work presented at the annual conference. The prize honors the late Dana Meadows, an inspiring and devoted teacher, by encouraging and recognizing the work of students, the future leaders of the field (Click here for a description of the Award and a list of past winners).

The Meadows Award has been a great success. At the 2004 conference in Oxford there were 40 submissions, about 10% of all participants at the conference! The quality of the students’ work has also increased dramatically. Even more important, the Award is catalyzing growing participation and interest in the field of system dynamics by students from all over the world. It is empowering the newest generation in our field to become more active in the Society and profession, a wonderful sign.

Up till now, Jane and Allen Boorstein have generously funded the Award. We are indebted to the Boorsteins for their strong and continuing support. However, Jane and Allen have urged the Society to put the Award on a more sustainable financial footing. In response, the Policy Council of the Society unanimously and enthusiastically voted to authorize the creation of the endowment fund and fund drive, and urges all supporters of the Society and field of system dynamics to give what they can. Our goal is $60,000. To help reach it, a group of Dana’s colleagues, former students, and supporters of the Society have pledged to match your donations, until the overall goal of $60,000 is met. Through the generosity of these donors, every dollar you give will be doubled.

Now it’s up to you, the members of the Society. Please contribute whatever you can to make this tribute to Dana sustainable. It would be wonderful to announce that we have met our goal at the 2005 conference, but the campaign remains open at least until we meet our goal.

All contributions are tax deductible (in the US). You can contribute by check, credit card, wire transfer, and online. Click here to go directly to the contributions form that includes payment options. Information about the Award and how to contribute can be found on the System Dynamics Society website.

The FAQ page provides details relating to the Award, fund management, and contributions.

Many thanks! John Sterman, Roberta Spencer, Michael Radzicki, Drew Jones, and John Morecroft

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